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7 Tips to Live Healthier in 2022!

We here at Earthy Naturals often say if you want something different, you must do things differently and how every day we wake up is an opportunity to start anew. To become healthy, healthier choices must be made consistently in order to be sustained. Today we will share a few simple tips to help you live healthier this year and beyond. All you must do is make a conscious decision to yourself, saying “I want to change” and commit to doing so “I will change”; you will see results in no time. Commitment is quite helpful in seeing results be patient, yet persistent.

Commit to:

1. Hydrating

a. Hydration helps the body both externally and internally. Lotions and body butters are helpful in rehydrating the skin after taking a bath or shower. Drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables with high water content is helpful inside the body. Hence helping blood and food travel throughout the body.

b. If you are constipated, know that it may be time to flush with some water and possibly some fiber to eliminate the waste.

2. Going to Bed at a Certain Time

a. Sleep routines are imperative to get optimal rest and is also helpful in keeping you functioning properly throughout the day. When you get in a habitual pattern of going to bed at the same time every day the body begins to go through what is called the circadian cycle, where one wakes up and goes to sleep at the same time regularly without an alarm clock. *Remember to stop the caffeine before or at about the lunch mark to avoid it interfering with your sleep.

3. Journaling

a. Jotting down your thoughts and feelings helps release emotions that you need to express out of your system. Journaling is an excellent way to relieve stress and clear the mind. There is rejuvenating taking a pen or pencil to a pad. Though you can also use your computer to clear your mind, it is not as powerful as the energy from getting cozy with ink and paper.

b. Writing can help you hold yourself accountable because every time you gaze at what you have written, you will know what you said you would accomplish vs. what you did. Things would more than likely get done when you see what you wrote regularly to yourself.

c. Record keeping via a diary, log, or journal, enhances cognitive skills. Need a memory boost? Write what is on your mind at that moment, whether it be about the past or the future. Journaling helps to keep the mind sharp. The ability to use the mind to form complete logical sentences and express how you feel or document what you remember about people or situations may be helpful for memory health.

4. Meditating /Praying

a. Participating in meditating and prayer regularly; has power on so many levels when it comes to living healthy. It can have you believe and have hope which helps relieve some of the burdens from everyday living. It may help to calm one spirit when stressed out and worried. It may even help improve sleep habits. Pick up the King James or New Testament (NT) Bible to find a comforting verse, or just read Matthews 6:25-34 (Do not worry chapter). Meditation and prayer are two tools that should keep in your toolbox to help fight the enemy daily; they can bring peace before, during, and after a storm. Both are grounding and may bring healing. At a minimum, they help to build faith.

5. Physical Activity

a. Making time for movement at any intensity is better than not moving at all. Whether exercising, dancing, raking, mowing, or whatever gets your heart rate up or body moving consistently for some time, preferably15 or more minutes every day or most days of the week. More intense energy expenditure works wonders as well. Start slow if you are new or getting back into working out after not doing so for a long time. The goal is to enjoy yourself while being safe, not break anything. Some soreness won’t hurt, it will prove how deconditioned you are, but nothing a little consistent physical activity for a week or two won’t remedy.

6. Meal Prep

a. Making more of your meals at home so that you can take your lunch instead of ordering out will be advantageous to you on so many levels. Make sure to add more fruits & vegetables to your meals; liquid meals count as well. If you are housebound or work from home, eat inside or go to a park if the weather allows. Enjoying a meal in nature can be relaxing to the soul. Meal prepping at home will not only save money but will also allow you to know every ingredient that is in the food. There is energy that flows through the hands of the person who prepares meals; let them be positive and calm. Get creative, make your meals from scratch, purchase a recipe book, or search online to find a few recipes you like to encourage you on this new healthy living expedition.

7. Self-Care

a. Taking time to care for you putting your needs first will help you become more mindful and happier. Self-care and a sound mind are imperative to live a long, strong, and prosperous life. Make time for your mental, physical, spiritual, and cognitive health by doing something little that you love to do at a minimum, once a month. No matter if you are a stay-at-home parent, a caregiver, an entrepreneur, employee, business owner, make time to do something you enjoy doing to keep your sanity in check and avoid depression or burnout. Note, no man can keep going without appreciating the goodness of living on this earth. If money is tight, you can always start budgeting for your self-care days so you can enjoy them in the future. If every month is not feasible, try once a quarter. Once a year is just not going to cut it when it comes to self-care and loving on yourself; you know you deserve more than that, and if you don’t know, find someone to work with to educate you or remind you of your worth.


Now, isn’t it time you do some things differently so that you can begin to live healthier? Well, we believe if you adhere to one or all our tips, your health will take a turn for the better. Read our blog post on taking good care of your heart. There is no arduous task to do here, but just like anything else you must take action. After you commit to living healthy, do what it takes to see things through. Health and well-being become interesting when people always say, “I know, I know,” but won’t do what is needed based on what they think they know. So, the high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or whatever else you may suffer from gets worst. Those two words "I know" mean nothing and leave you to take no action, stifling your growth and holding you complacent in the same place due to lying to yourself. If you want to commit to change, real behavior changes with no excuses?

Contact us here for a Clarity coaching call to see if coaching is for you.

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