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6 Ways to Prevent Vacation Burnout and Stress!

The time has come; you can finally escape from the hoopla of work and enjoy a vacation away from all that may have been stressing you out. Wait now, before you leave, there are a few things you can do to avoid coming back home burned out and stressed. Take a deep breath and stay hydrated; these tips are super simple and shall help ease burnout and stress.

1. Plan, plan, plan for the trip ahead of time.

a. How will you travel?

b. Are the tires inflated?

c. What time do you need to get to the airport, train station, boat, or bus prior to boarding; without feeling stressed out?

d. Delegate your work out a week or two prior to you leaving so that no one interrupts you while you are away. (No one should contact you from work while you are out trying to enjoy yourself unless it is an unearthing 911.) So do your best to document via recorder, video, paper, etc. cover yourself and your responsibilities so you can have fun.

2. Conscious mindset

a. Decide right now that nothing and no one will take your happiness away.

b. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep walking if you come across ignorant folks; no need to engage.

3. Relax & Be Mindful

a. Begin to relax or slow down, 24 hours before your travels begin.

b. Commit to writing down your travel plans. Make sure to have an itinerary and back-up, changes may occur, but when there is a plan, if something must shift, you will be better prepared and less stressed because you will be ready to adjust, tackle and roll.

c. Journal

4. Give yourself a day to relax before heading back to work.

a. Going back to work without being rested and in the right mindset can make you feel burned out and stressed, defeating the purpose of your vacation in the first place. Give yourself at least 24 hours to unwind from trip travels before entering the workplace again.

5. Documentation

a. Capture your vacation experiences while away; so that you can look back and cherish the memories. Such recordings of your downtime can be great reminders when times get tough when you return home or to work. These videos may be just the prompts you need while in the office questioning why you may be doing what you are doing for a living or at the workplace.

6. Remember your Why?

a. Why do you need this vacation? Knowing and understanding you're why will keep you focused on obtaining your goals. Now, be open because miracles that you can’t even imagine can occur that can take your life to new heights.

b. Enjoy every aspect of your trip. Know why living your best life is important to you now. Answering this question alone is enough to wash burnout and stress away.

c. Write down any ideas that pop in your head, it may be your next business venture or company project.


During the peak of the vacation season, prepare the best you can to avoid bottlenecks. Minimum stress and no burnout are the objective here. Life is not all about work and no play, so do your best to plan ahead to minimize issues that may arise during and after your trip. Remember, when you do what you can, the universe will do what it can to help you the rest of the way.

Happy Summer!

Stay Hydrated and Have Fun in the Shade & Sun!

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