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6 Ways to Live a Zero-Waste Lifestyle this Summer!

Summer is in full effect. Summer presents an opportunity to slow down from all that has happened in our lives over the past few months. We can take time off to reflect on life and think about which direction we may want to head if we went off course. Summer also allows us to see life more clearly, from an energetic point of view, and become more conscious of our surroundings. We may be more cognizant of how we have been living and make the necessary changes to rid our lives of unnecessary things, like waste or excess things we no longer use. Did you know the little things that are done in our life today, can make for a better world tomorrow? The truth is we humans are some pretty powerful beings that can move mountains if we live more consciously and utilize our senses. So now, while you may be a bit more relaxed and your energies and senses are more heightened, think of ways to integrate zero waste living into your everyday space. Small initiatives or habits that are started now, can leave an impact on this world that can't ever be erased.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is about getting as much use out of a consumable good that we can possibly get while keeping it from entering into the landfill, air, or oceans. According to zero waste is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.

6 Ways to commit to zero waste living this summer

  1. Sit in nature and observe

  2. Enjoy the fresh air it is priceless.

  3. How simple is that? Get outside, smell the flowers, roses, water, and fresh air. No diffuser needed to be turned on (saving on electricity), no flames burning, just nature’s fresh aroma. What are your senses telling? What do you feel and see?

  4. Carry your own reusable bags.

  5. Visit our store and pick up a reusable that can be taken with you everywhere. They are stronger than most bags on the market and easily carry over 50lbs.

  6. Carry your own utensil set

  7. Pack a ToGoware utensil set with you. Ours has a carabiner included that you can clip them on your back sack, purse, belt buckle, you name it. Yes, yes, yes, there is no excuse to have to eat with plastic. Oh, and if you are a sushi lover, it comes with chopsticks too, so what you saying?

  8. Carry a reusable (bamboo, glass, stainless steel, paper, or eco-straw.)

  9. Options are out there to avoid carrying plastic straws. Heck, most places stop handing them out unless you request one. Stop by the Earthy Naturals shop to purchase reusable straws.

  10. Reduce plastic bottles

  11. Invest in reusable/refillable bottles to avoid throwing plastic water bottles in the landfill and oceans/lakes. Check out our favorite water bottle brand, Eco-vessel for an array of different bottle sizes. We actually have just about every size bottle they have over here @ Earthy Naturals.

  12. Purchase Less/Donate More

  13. Don’t be a hoarder. Donate what you are not using or sell them at a tag/garage sale.

  14. Refuse receipts, refuse free stuff or promotions you will never use.

  15. Be mindful of where and how you spend your $$$. Buy only what you need. Excess stuff leads to more waste. Be very conscious about the things that you purchase so that you can indeed reduce or live a zero-waste lifestyle that is clutter free.

Remember that every small step that is taken helps, so don’t disqualify anything you do to help live a zero-waste lifestyle this Summer or whenever. FYI - July is Plastic Free Month so get a head start by preparing for what is to come now.

In conclusion, living more consciously, committing to zero-waste initiatives will have us all living in a healthier and sustainable world today and an even better one in the future and for generations to come. Investing now will surely pay off later. The objective is to provide as small of a footprint as possible by reducing consumption of things not being used or needed. In addition to preserving the landfills, air, and oceans/lakes to save our planet. Learn more here.


How Communities Have Defined Zero Waste (The United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Kindly, Commit to Living a Zero or Minimum Waste Lifestyle this Summer!

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