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6 Tips to Stay Strong During Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, don’t forget to take care of yourself now more than ever. Possibly, taking care of yourself more than anyone one else. I know that this may sound selfish, but who and how can you help when you are not healthy yourself nor living here on earth?

1. Eat Healthy:

a. Healthy eating helps build strong immune systems, hence making it easier to fight off germs and disease naturally.

2. Meditate:

a. It is the best thing to keep calm when anxiety, depression and stress pops up. Keep a clear mind, stay calm and speak victory over your life and situation.

3. Limit Your Intake of TV/News:

a. The watching of television especially the news is quite negative and can keep one from sleeping and living a life of fulfillment.

4. Drink Water:

a. Hydration is imperative to keep the blood circulating freely.

b. Water also helps relieve muscle fatigue because it provides the cells with what it needs to stay plump and firm vs being dry and shrivel.

c. Water helps the kidney with alleviating waste out of one’s body.

5. Get Sleep:

a. Can’t say this enough, poor sleep habits weaken the immune system. This is the simplest way to keep your heart and body running at an optimum level.

b. Sleep improves brain function and limits people having mental health issues.

6. Communicate:

a. Speak or Write how you feel effectively, but no matter what, do not keep your emotions bottled up inside. Living a repressed life is in no way healthy and is even worst to do during these uncertain times because it can lead to disharmony in the body which will then lead to disease. Find an outlet that makes you feel as though you are releasing things off your shoulders.

Be Brave & Stay Safe!

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