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6 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health & While Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend!

Mental Health is nothing to take lightly. As you look around, you may be a witness to people crumbling all around you. Throughout May, you may have noticed a slew of awareness messages via various media reminding people to take care of their mental health or directing them on where to go if they seek assistance with the process. Years ago, mental health discussions were taboo. Now they open-discussions are occurring everywhere. People are finding out that help is just a phone call or mouse click away. No one must worry about judgments and repercussions; thoughts no longer need to be bottled up; expressions and truths can set everyone free. Allow your truth to flow freely; so that you can release it and begin to restore your total being. As you prepare for Memorial Day, think of ways you can improve your mental health and begin to incorporate new habits to maintain a sound mind or simply use the ones we have listed below.

Recognizing & Addressing Mental Illness

Mental illness occurs most of the time because we do not take care of our overall health. Mental health issues start in the brain. Some mental health problems stem from not eating proper foods. Poor nutrition choices, lack of sleep, overall stress, trauma, or social problems brought on by family and friends are a few causes that can exacerbate the situation. During Memorial Day or the Summer, learn how to guard your emotions; protect them from those who want to do harm. Do not believe everything that is told to you or said about you. Avoid letting others control how you should think or feel; only you can do that for yourself. Try not to be a prisoner of your mind. Release any unhealthy thoughts that may be holding you back.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

· Ask

o If you are going through something and need to talk, ask for help. There are hotlines and in-person centers available to help. You are not alone unless you want to be. So, pick up the phone, do a search, walk into a place that is offering to help.

§ What do you need get off your chest?

Need Immediate Help: Read Here to obtain contact info:

· Journal

o Keep track of how certain things you do or are involved in and the people you are around may make you feel. Monitoring your moods is imperative on this self-help journey to improve your mental health. Allow what you enjoy in your atmosphere more often and get rid of what you no longer want. As an adult you are in control of how you allow others make you feel. The ability to journal calms the mind and allows you to release things like anxiety and negative thoughts that no longer serve you or your goals. Ask yourself more times than not, how did I feel when I ……

o Jot down as little or as much as you want when you want. Take the limits off yourself.

§ What is on your mind?

· Physical Activity

o Moving the body for at least 30 minutes most days of the week may be helpful for overall well-being. Physical activity makes the body feel good, happier, and have more energy due to hormones like endorphin and dopamine. These hormones are pleasure seekers and are beneficial to the body, both physically and mentally. They can alter one’s mood completely in no time. Physical activity such as running, jogging, swimming, walking, playing sports like softball, tennis, volleyball, etc. helps relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and many other things that upset the spirit. Exercise is known to be the medicine for the soul, shall you participate in it a little more.

§ How about commit to making it a weekly habit to start.

· Relax

o Do nothing, just be in the moment, be still or rest. Summer is a time for vacation. Memorial Day is a long weekend. Take a mental break and just live in the moment for a change. Life is not about racing to the finish line. it is a marathon not a sprint. Take your time and experience things on your terms. Destressing is a great way to enjoy the holidays and improve your mental health. You can do this via mediation, yoga, listening to music, getting out in nature, sitting by water, or whatever way that makes you feel relaxed.

§ How will you relax this weekend?

· Sleep

o Life’s aggravations many times come from lack of sleep. Right up there with relaxing, sleeping is imperative to being and feeling your best. Getting a good night's rest is very important to overall health. Do your best to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is mandatory yet rejuvenating to the entire body, and people still do not take it seriously enough to make sure to get their daily dose regularly. Sleep is an elixir that provides the brain with the well-needed rest it requires to get a boost of energy that gets one through the day

§ How much sleep do you need to feel your very best?

§ What is stopping you from getting a good night's sleep?

· Socialize

o Get out and get social or stay in and pick up the phone and call someone or some people to chat or just check on them. Meet some new people that inspire or motivate you to do good in the world. Socializing is helpful in alleviating anxiety; it can make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself; which you really are when you branch out and shine your light on the world.

o Attend a BBQ – Bring a dish or item that is a discussion starter. Be creative in your presentation whether it be with what you bring or wear to a gathering. You will surely have a good time, increasing your energy vibration.

§ How will you make an effort to socialize more?


As National Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, remember that your mental health matters just as much as your physical health. Memorial Day, which embarks on the beginning of the unofficial Summer Season, is a great time to acknowledge your overall health status. During this long weekend, take a conscious pause and reflect on where you are physically, but especially mentally. Are you exhausted or are you thriving? Get quiet and be in the moment to listen to what may come to you. Ask for what you need help with, journal your thoughts, feelings, or what is happening to and around you, participate in some physical activity, relax the way you want, get some sleep and be social. Mental health rehabilitation does not have to be a long-drawn-out task to see positive results. However, it must be continuous to build promising positive habits for superb health.

  • If you need professional help for mental health issues at any time, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text MHA to 741741

Remember: You Are Not Alone!


Mental Health America

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