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6 Reasons To Enjoy National FRESH Fruits & Veggies Month!

This June, honor and recognize National Men’s Month, National Dairy-Free Month, and National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month. Today, our focus will be on Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. Last month was National Salad Month, to piggyback on some of what was said; salads are nutritious and packed with valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Salads are versatile, they do not necessarily need to be green to be healthy and good, though green does not hurt anyone unless they are seriously allergic. The same nutrient dense labels can be added to fresh fruits and vegetables too.

This National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month lets to go a little deeper into the cleansing lifestyle. Yes, fresh fruits and veggies are cleansing to the body; it helps to rid the body of free radicals and the elimination of waste. Eating a diet comprised of nutrient-dense foods can make a drastic difference in one’s overall health if it is incorporated more times than not. Fast foods which are highly processed are limited and don’t offer the same benefits unless you are getting your fruits and vegetables fast, hence fast food. Visit the Earthy Naturals blog, there is an article on heart healthy fast foods from mother earth that will enlighten you.

This month let us center our thoughts on the word Fresh in fresh fruits and vegetables. How about we focus on consuming as much fresh rather than canned, dried, or frozen fruits and veggies this month? If you can go longer than a month, that is wonderful; however, if not, that is o.k. too. An attempt to make a healthy change is all that matters. Intentions go a long way when trying to engage a new habit to improve ones' well-being. The consumption of live or raw foods that are super nutritious will surely improve overall health. The unadulterated goodness of fruits and veggies straight from mother earth can do no wrong in satisfying indulging pleasures of decadent food. Purchasing organic with the seal present over those foods that do not have it can be helpful in avoiding an abundance of unhealthy pesticides too. Better yet, if you can grow a garden indoors or outdoors, go for it. Having a backyard, counter, or windowsill will shift not only your taste buds to living healthier, but your mindset too. If you are not yet up for getting your hands soiled up, then consider shopping locally. Farmers markets are just about everywhere these days.

6 Reasons to Recognize & Include Fresh Fruits & Veggies this Month

1. Low in sodium

a. Eating fresh fruits and veggies means the food is not processed and filled with unnecessary additives and preservative. Though some fruits and veggies have a little sodium, some have none at all. Apples, avocados, blueberries, kiwis, tangerines, and watermelons to name a few have no sodium. Large amounts of sodium are often found in packaged goods to increase shelf life. Often sodium is present in fast food to preserve and increase the flavor. A low sodium diet can keep blood pressure normal, the risk of kidney disease and certain cancers, especially stomach at bay.

2. Beauty for the senses

a. Eat the rainbow in fruits and veggies, not in candy. This can send you to a paradise on earth. The colorfulness of the fresh food’s spectrum is quite alluring to the human eye so much so that you may think you are elsewhere when you see a beautiful platter consisting of pineapples, watermelons, peaches, apples, carrots, celery, and cucumbers, nicely sliced and ready to eat. Heck, even grapes, bananas, berries, beets, avocados, and oranges have a mouth-watering appeal. Fresh fruits and veggies are magnificent to enjoy Buy them fresh and freeze for later. Make sure to intake the rainbow and use your senses during the process.

3. Lower risk of chronic disease

a. When people decide to change their lifestyle, inclusive of their diet, they may have chosen to forgo certain types of foods that may be unhealthy for them. Those foods that often cause inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, and even sleep issues are no longer desired. In turn, they notice their numbers decline as far as blood pressure, waistline, sugar, cholesterol, the scale, you name it when they embark on eating healthier. Incorporating foods that high in vitamins, minerals and oh yes fiber can show significant benefits in your health if you stick with it. As advocates of flexitarian and plant-based lifestyles, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get your fruits and veggies in daily, as if your life depends on it because it honestly it can prevent, reverse diseases and save your life.

Purchase our e-book (7 Days of Eating Delicious, Healthy Salads & Thingz) There is a plant-based version and a semi-plant-based version for those who want a little meat every now and again.

4. High water content

a. Nearly 80% of fruits are comprised of high-water content. This means you can truly eat your water and stay refreshed. Fruits and veggies do wonders for hydration, so if you forgot a cup or two of water, try a nice juicy watermelon or pineapple on for size. Need to limit your sugar content? Add some cucumbers, dandelions, celery, ginger, or lemons to your water to infuse it. Better yet, whip out your juicer or blender and make a green drink or smoothie. If you want more fiber, the blender is the way to go. If you want more juice the juicer is the way to go. Bonus, don’t forget to use any pulp for composting. If you make carrot juice, you should make carrot cake, muffins, or even some pancakes.

5. High in fiber

a. If you want to be regular and watch out for your cardiovascular system, your waistline, weight, or calories, then fruits and vegetables are the way to go. They are filled with fiber, allowing you to feel full faster and longer; it makes for easy elimination also.

6. Ready to Go

a. Most fruits and vegetables are pre-packed and ready to go. Try an apple, banana, carrot, or orange when running late. They are rather satisfying, just as they are quick to eat. They not only look good, but they also taste and smell great too and can go with us anywhere we go. Try snacking on fruits and veggies instead of fast food the next time you crave a snack; your waistline and heart will reward and thank you for such a decision. You literally can through a fruit in your purse and bag and go about your day when ever you feel hungry, you are good to go.


As you can see there are so many benefits to consuming Fresh Fruits and Vegetables this month and beyond, it is not only good for us as humans, but for the atmosphere too.

Did you know that if you have a fruit or vegetable with just one meal, every day, or every other day for a month, you will eliminate constipation? Fiber is no match for constipation, you will be regular and energetic in no time. Isn't it time to add more fruits and veggies to your lifestyle?

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Pondering Questions

When will you get tired of putting off what you can do today, tomorrow, and never end up doing anything? How many years of valuable time have you wasted doing nothing but make excuses?

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