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5 Ways to Break Bad Habits in 2022!

The new year has just arrived. Isn't it time you break some of those bad habits that you have been meaning to end years ago? Breaking bad habits is not always an easy task and does not happen overnight but it is possible. How many times have you tried to stop a bad habit but got caught up in your own head? Eating those bags of chips or that cheese, because these thins kept calling your name? “Feed me, eat me or I want more” are what you think you heard, but its just your mind playing tricks on you. How about your ability to procrastinate, make excuses or worry profusely about unnecessary things? Make a conscious decision today, in this present moment to change those bad habits you have been trying to kick for some time. Commit to creating change, get help, if need be, to avoid immediate relapse. Become more conscious and know that it takes dedication, determination, some accountability, and perhaps a grand vision to see bad habits broken and achieve your goals.

5 Ways to effectively break bad habits

1) Consciousness

a) The first step to breaking bad habits is to acknowledge there is an issue. Being aware of the acts you engage in is imperative in making necessary changes.

i) We love those folks who have high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, and the likes that we try to educate or want to help, but they always say, "I know, I know, I know all this, I know what to do" but then why do you have these issues. Knowingly putting your greatest asset at risk for disease is how smart? And to continue to say “I know” who is that hurting? It is interesting how adults won’t admit their faults but have a problem when their kids don't admit or cover the errors of their ways. The kids or young adults are only doing what they learned or saw and instead of living in denial. It is wise to own your truth and admit you need help to get your health back on track.

2) Commit

a) Now that you are aware and able to admit that you have a problem, it is time to find out how and what got you in the predicament in the first place. Is there something like stress, negative thoughts that prompt you to eat junk food, more food, smoke, curse, throw tempers, not exercise, etc.? What events or people trigger you to be the person you no longer want to be or do the things you no longer want to do? Take out a journal and write down things, people, events, etc. that spark the emotions that make you do what you currently do, and then write down why you want to change.

3) Change

a) To discontinue a bad habit, you have to commit to breaking up with it. Yes, easier said than done, but it is possible. Because you are possible. Believe in yourself and know how important your vision is. What will breaking this habit do to improve your future? Get clear on why you want to change and place more focus on where you want to go vs. where you have been.

4) Calculate/Compute

a) Measuring where you were and where you are is an imperative step in breaking bad habits. It helps to gauge how far you have come to obtain the vision that you seek to accomplish. An example would be, I used to eat a bag of chips a day, now I only eat 10 chips a day or week. Measuring shows you how much you have grown since committing to make changes. Acknowledge the fact that you are not where you want to be, but thank goodness you are not where you are used to be. A shift in your thinking and habits has begun to change you into who you desire to be.

5) Accountability

a) We all need accountability partners, a coach, someone to help us out so we can stay on track and bring out the best in ourselves. A professional who is experienced in coaching can help you on the journey to break your bad habits and they can keep you accountable too. After working with a coach, you will be able to locate your strengths and work on yourself to the point that you will be able to design SMART goals and visions that are within your reach and some that will be when you begin to shift your thinking into the person you would like to be. You will eventually find like-minded people who are on the same page or who may have similar goals to build relationships with on life’s journey. Not all people are meant to be around a lifetime; some are only meant to be around to help us or be a companion for a certain period in time and then move on. Having someone to educate and partner with you in developing a vision to reach your goals puts you one step closer to breaking bad habits.


The New Year is here, there is no better time than now to start anew. Won’t you think about putting a plan in place so you can start breaking bad habits and building the life you want to live? Decide to be more conscious of the bad habits you have been conducting. The time to stop holding yourself back is now. Become conscious, commit to working on your triggers, get clear on what you want so that you can make the changes you need. Document and monitor your changes to see how far you have come and where you are heading. Lastly, find a professional coach to hold you accountable and bring out the best in you. Coaches help you find out things about yourself you may have never realized; like what gifts or talents you may have that you may not even realize are within you. Coaches can help you use your strengths that you may have been afraid to use to alleviate bad habits. This new year is the perfect time to start breaking those bad habits. Start with one and go from there. Which habit will you begin with this month?

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