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5 Ways to Eat Consciously during the Christmas Holiday & Beyond!

This time of year can be really, really easy to eat unhealthily and stuff oneself to the point of no return. Advertisements are everywhere bombarding us with un-resistible offers or messages to do this and that. We know better; however, we give in to temptation because the flesh is weak and wants what it wants. What would happen if we paused for a moment or two to figure out what we ingest ahead of time? There are ways to manage what we eat during Christmas and beyond. We must be more conscious of what we put in our bodies and learn how to control the flesh better; it is not difficult to do. Follow our suggestions below to place your feet on solid ground to survive this Christmas Season. Learn how to be a more mindful eater every day of your life.

5 ways to be more food conscious this Christmas Holiday and Beyond

1. Water

a. Simple and straight forward right? Hydrating with water is the key. Drinking lots of water before heading to a large feast can help you feel full and help avoid overeating. Stuffed people can feel miserable after eating more than they can handle. Cleaning the plate is not an obligation; it is a choice.

b. Drink water throughout the evening to help flush all that you have eaten out of the body.

2. Avoid going anywhere when you are starving.

a. Not preparing or planning will just lead to eating everything within your eyesight, and no willpower will not help. A little bit of food will turn into a lot, you will then have overeaten just because its the Holiday time. Know your hunger levels at all times for if you are too hungry you may tend to eat more than usual. The pounds pack on when their is no game plan for eating especially during the holidays.

3. Portion Control

a. Remember to eat in moderation. Get a plate and eyeball it into 4 sections. Make sure half your plate is either fruits and veggies and the other half grains and protein, or use a combination of half veggies, 1/4 grains, and 1/4 protein. Limit yourself to one dessert; it is holiday time so enjoy something new or that you like, now if you are full, take it to go.

b. Drink in moderation too. Try to not have more than 2 drinks a night and drink lots of water an hour or so before getting on the road or call a car service or have a non-drinking driver with you to make sure you get home safely. The goal is to enjoy the Christmas holiday, not cause an accident.

4. Smile & Chew Slowly

a. When others are talking at the table, make a point to smile while enjoying your food, even use your head to nod. If you are asked a question, smile, put up your pointer finger to display that you are chewing and don’t want to choke. It is helping the people be mindful that you are indeed chewing if they did not realize it. Chewing at least 15x to 20x, which may be a lot for those who place food in their mouth, chew 3x, and then swallow. It is imperative to chew multiple times to avoid heartburn among other things, inclusive of choking. The goal here is to savor every bite, avoid acid indigestion, and overeating to prevent weight gain, bloating, and choking.

5. Full?

a. If you feel full, stop eating, you are not obligated to eat more than you can handle or want. Mommy or daddy will not beat you if you still have food leftover that you can’t finish later. If the food is that good, take a plate or two to go. Don’t stuff your face or body; it will have you feeling tired, bloated, and full of gas.

6. Just because it is the holidays does not mean it is time to stuff our face, distort the body, and gain weight. We need to be mindful and of a conscious mind to avoid overeating and that we all can do this successfully if we choose with some know-how.

Have a Happy & Safe Holiday!

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