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5 Tips to Help Make the Holiday’s Special!

As you look back at your life over the past year, do you feel diminished or excited by the accomplishments you have made? Whether you have accomplished plenty or are not there yet, there is still time to make some magical things happen before the year ends. Don’t lose hope and remember tomorrow is a new day.

Holidays can be hard for so many people and can be a joyous time for others. Take a moment to check in on others because one never knows what another may be going through. If you know someone who is having a hard time or is alone or may just need a friend during this time of year, do something if you are able to make life a little easier on them. Maybe you are unable to invite them over to spend time with you, but you can send an e-card, gift card, pick up the phone or text them that you are thinking of them, lend an ear for them to be heard. Do something to let the person know that they indeed matter. Let them know you care and are thinking of them. When we show up and do our best for someone else the universe shows up for us in ways that we can only imagine. This Holiday Season Show up and make things special for yourself, those you know and even those you newly encounter. We are all able to make a difference in someone’s life every day when we are conscious of our power as human beings.

5 Tips to Help Make the Holidays Specials:

1. ‘Tis the Season of Giving

a. What can you give to another to show you care (time, money, kind gestures, smile, card, etc.)

b. Visit a nursing home, a hospice clinic, a child in need, a soup kitchen, a donation drive.

c. Donate to a cause that is near and dear to your heart or even one you never heard of before.

2. Take Time

a. Take some time off to love yourself. This is the season to relax if nothing more than just 1 day during the last week of the year. Take a day to disconnect from it all. The phone, people, life, negativity, the world.

b. Meditate, pray, and listen to what you hear. Be open to what your senses show you during and after these moments.

c. Take a bubble bath, sit in the tub, and just soak the year’s stress away. (Don’t shrivel up to a raisin but do enjoy being comfortable in the moment).

d. Read a short book or a motivational story.

e. Walk

f. Be Still

h. Dust off the ole apron to bake or make some cookies, cakes, drinks or food.

3. Write

a. Journal about what you are grateful or thankful for.

b. Write down bullets of what you accomplished this year.

c. Write down goals you look forward to accomplishing in the future (near and far).

d. Commit to {DID} Doing Something Different today and in the coming months and years. When you want something different, you must do something different to obtain results that you had never obtained before.

e. Write yourself an unforgettable love letter or poem.

4. Gather with Others

a. Spend time with those you love and let them know how much you care and are there for them.

b. Spend time dancing, laughing, eating, playing board or any games with your people; those you know or have just met. Congregating with others is like food for the soul, especially during this time of the year.

c. Ask for support from others if you feel you need it. Don’t let pride hold you back from getting what you need to move forward or have a happy life.

5. Watch Inspiring Cinema

a. This time of year, there are so many movies on with so many touching movies. Find one and indulge. Make some hot cocoa and be in the moment. The Hallmark & Lifetime Channels are notorious for having many meaningful movies on that can lighten up a heavy heart to demonstrate just how grateful one should be for where they are and what and who they have in their lives. Though we may not be where we want to be, we can be glad that we are better off than where we were. We can also be thankful for life; the ability to breathe is a blessing.

This Holiday Season, think of all that you have accomplished and be happy with the slightest win you have obtained this year, there is still time for more blessings to come your way because you have life. So, what are you grateful for? Have you shared this with anyone? Now is the time to do so if you feel inclined to do so. What has made you feel good this year? What do you still want to work on in 2023? How can you stay encouraged? Reflect on these questions and jot down your answers.


Remember if you want something different for 2023, it is imperative to decide to do some things differently and one of those things is to begin acting on what you really want. What are you waiting for? Time is ticking and before you know it 2024 will be here. Stop procrastinating, stop making excuses, stop living in constant fear, stop going around in circles, stop suffering in silence. Start investing in you because your life matters.

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