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5 Simple Tips for Better Sleep

Did you know that sleep is supposed to be the time when your body regenerates and detoxifies? You see, sleep is something that we all must have to survive, but good sleep is what we need to function properly every day.

Insufficient sleep can inhibit concentration and cause anxiety, irritability, stress and affect your ability to retain information, resulting in inadequate throughput. Isn’t it time you do better.

5 Tips to have better sleep.

1. Make sure to have a great sleep environment that is:

a. clean,

b. comfortable (the mattress needs to be firm to suit the spine)

c. clutter-free

d. technology free

e. dark rooms (free of light; inclusive of blue light) light disturbs sleep.

f. 60F to 70F

2. Participate in gentle exercise & or stretching

a. While exercise is great to do, it is wise to invest in gentle exercises that will not keep you up when you want to be resting. These exercises shall include yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc.

b. Stretches are also great to do before bed to help reduce stiffness, promote circulation and relax. Stretching takes the tension off of stressed areas.

3. Relax an hour before bed

a. Begin to wind-down an hour before you go to bed

b. Avoid screens an hour before bed.

c. Remove them from the bedroom prior to going to sleep.

d. Meditate/Pray/Journal to help relax your body and mind.

4. Plan out the next 24 hours

a. Planning out the next day the night before may help you sleep better and help you worry less. It will also prepare your mind for the next day so you can be ready to go with great intention.

b. Planning helps reduce anxiety and stress.

5. Consume food and drinks one to two hours before bedtime.

a. Food, caffeine and alcohol consumption shall occur one or more hours before going to sleep, for it will disrupt the circadian rhythm if it is not making it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. In some cases, caffeine will cause sleep disturbance which will cause hormones to go out of whack. Hence, one will have a hard time falling asleep because the stimulant will keep them awake.

b. Be mindful of the foods you eat prior to going to sleep, your lifestyle plays an immense part on how well you rest. Try to eat as much plant base foods as possible and stay away from heavy foods that are hard digest and can give acid reflux.


Great sleep is not hard to have when you relax and operate with conscious intentions, use these 5 tips to get you operating on the right track. Get your sleep pattern inline now because it can be taking years off your life and making you irritable and unproductive.

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