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5 Signs You Are Dehydrated

During these uncertain times, many people forget to take care of themselves on a regular basis. People fail to realize the importance of properly hydrating consistently. Adequate hydration plays a big part in how our bodies function at their optimal levels. If we do not have an adequate intake of water we tend to forget things, suffer from unnecessary, chronic pain, and set ourselves up for disease.

Water is often overlooked, but it should not be because it is essential to us living on earth. Not having suitable amounts of water in the body can cause all types of health problems that can downgrade one's health. Making it imperative to recognize the signs of dehydration and hypo-hydration early on, both of which describe a loss of water in the body.

Below are signs that you need to re-hydrate your body to improve your overall health.

5 Signs you are dehydrated:

  1. You are thirsty

  2. Dark-colored urine

  3. Confused

  4. Dry Mouth

  5. Headaches

If you find yourself experiencing any of these five signs; it is time to consider re-hydrating your body with more water quickly. Water helps to improve the circulation of fluids throughout the body; it also helps food travel through and out of the body regularly. Consider obtaining at a minimum of at least 1 to 2 liters of water daily for optimum health. Dark urine is not ideal, but clear to light yellow signifies appropriate hydration. Take it upon yourself this year to take better care of your health and you can start with improving how well you hydrate daily from all the water that you lose.

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