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5 Reasons to Go Vegan, This World Vegan Day and Month!

Happy World Vegan Day & Month! Have you been thinking about cutting down or eliminate meat, dairy, eggs, and the likes consumption lately? Well today, is the perfect day to do so and if this feels good to you, you may want to embark on this journey a bit longer, like maybe for the entire month. Go for it. November is also World Vegan Month, making it an ideal time to clean up your diet and feel lighter. Recognize that what we eat greatly influences are lifespan and quality of life.

Throughout the world, World Vegan Day and Month is being promoted to bring recognition to the reasons to partake in a vegan lifestyle. Today, World Vegan Day which is always celebrated on November 1st people from all around the globe will be hosting all types of events like potlucks, seminars, workshops among other things to get the word out or educate about veganism, the day and month and the importance of the initiative on many aspects of one’s life on this planet.

5 Reasons to Go Vegan

1. Animals

a. Having compassion for the living animals that you eat is a reason to go vegan for a day or a month. As do you, animals have feelings and want to live too. Animals feel pain and pleasure as well, consider not depriving them of the same joys that you are allotted every day that you are allowed to live on this earth.

2. Environment

a. Eating no animals or animal products has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint. Transporting these products throughout the country and the world releases tons of unhealthy emissions into the air.

3. Health

a. Consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD) as well as being obese can lead to an early death. These are two of the main contributors to chronic disease in this country. One way to salvage lives is to consume meals that are more plant-based or vegan instead of those that will clog the arteries and lead to diseases like atherosclerosis.

b. According to the World Health Organization, at least one-third of all cancers can be prevented by factors within your control, including diet vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. Make Legumes your new meat if your prefer not to have a processed plant based burger. Or as suggested below, make your own creation of a burger utilizing what you have in your kitchen.

4. Taste

a. A plant-based, vegan, or raw food diet consists of foods that are cleaner to the palate and beneficial for the body. They also offer a cleansing effect that helps eliminate toxins from the body quickly because the foods are high in fiber. High fiber foods are very advantageous in the excretion or waste which indeed helps to lighten the load one may feel otherwise from being constipated.

b. When thinking of taste, consider the non-vegan foods that you enjoy and recreate a vegan version to adhere to your tastebuds. An example would be (Mac & Cheese will soon become Mac & Cheeze) same great flavors without the use of animal products.

c. Stock your pantry with herbs and distinct seasonings from all around the world to try on an array of dishes you will soon create.

5. Creativity

a. Going vegan offers an opportunity to show off their inventiveness. Instead of eating plain ole boring salads every day. You can get in the kitchen and start whipping up all types of meals that lends to your originality or resourcefulness. There may be a chef lying dormant inside of you waiting to break free and share its tasteful dishes or creations with the world. Is this you? If not, it can be. Everything starts with a vision and then actions to obtain results.


If you have ever considered or had some curiosity about the vegan diet, today is the perfect day to give it a try. How hard is it to give up foods that you are used to having for just one day of the year? Though it does take more than will power to make something a habit, will power is all that you need to be successful in going vegan for one day or even a week for that matter. You have nothing to lose and all to gain, by being mindful about what your good actions may do for the planet as well as your body. Starting today, be mindful about all that goes into your temple; treasure it as if it is your most prized asset. Actually your body really is one if the most important possession you have if you don't take care of it, it will begin to fail you, so do what you can to keep breathing and thriving through life. Check out our recipe e-books & guides if you need some healthy eating ideas and look out for our new vegan recipe book which will be coming out shortly. If you have questions, need additional information, or help on your life's journey sign up for a 15-minute clarity coaching call today. Lastly, read our other post about veganism. (see below)


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