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5 Holistic Remedies for Cold/Flu Season

Cold & Flu Season is among us and if you are feeling under the weather you are probably wondering why me and what do I do? Find a great Vitamin D supplement (Carlson or Nordic Naturals) and start to intake some Vitamin C is a suggestion. Now I would tell you to do this before hand, because when your system is running at an optimum levels, sickness is hard to occur. However, once you start feeling aches or chills within the body, nasal congestion or have a fever what is done is done; your immune system has been compromised.

The Holistic Remedies

There are a few things you can do from a holistic point of view to get yourself back in tip top shape quickly; if it is confirmed that you are indeed suffering from a cold or the flu.

1. Ginger Tea with Lemon &/or Green Tea

a. It is imperative to get lots of liquids in you when you are sick to flush out the virus and to keep one hydrated. It maybe difficult to keep getting up urinating from all the liquids that are now going in your body, but it is a must to flush and replenish.

b. Adding lemon to your tea, helps boost the immune system and helps the respiratory system to break up mucous that may be floating around causing congestion.

2. Garlic

a. Garlic soup, tea, or in any meal is potent in more ways than one, but at the end of the day, bacteria despises this herb because it breaks them down and bye-bye they go. Year’s back instead of taking aspirin, I started handing out two pieces of garlic to love one’s as a substitute. It will burn like who knows what, but they all thanked me when it was all over because they were up and about instead of down and out feeling sick, plus they did not have to take any medication to impact their liver.

3. ACV and/or Saltwater Gargle

a. Back in the day, it was all about adding salt to water and gargling and everything would be good. However, over the past 20 years, I’ve found a love for organic apple cider vinegar or ACV with mother as it is known. I’ve not had a sore throat that has last past a day with a remedy of swallowing a bit of ACV first to break up whatever is going on the system followed by 3 to 5 continuous gargles for 30 seconds to a minute. I tell you within no time, you will experience a difference especially if something is lodged in your throat that should not be there like heavy mucous. In many instances your throat can be operating optimally within hours.

4. Hot/Warm Baths/Shower

a. A hot bath that will eventually turn warm will help relieve some of the aches your body is feeling. In addition, the steam from the heat will open up congestion that is taking place in the body. The steam from the heat will allow one to breathe easier if stopped-up. To enhance the bath experience, it is always helpful to add essential oils like echinacea, peppermint, eucalyptus, geranium, lemon oil.

b. A hot shower would do wonders as well, however, there is something about soaking in a tub relaxing vs. moving around in a shower when your body at rest that is a preferred option.

5. Rest

a. Whether you use a humidifier or a diffuser, make sure your air is not dry and once again use an essential oil to help relax you. If you are a lavender fan, use lavender right before bed to bring a relaxation feel to your atmosphere. If you use one of the other essential oils from above in your bath with a carrier oil of course like almond or coconut oil, then finish off your night with a soothing scent. Do not use lemon or orange for those are lively uplifting scents that may perk you up and if you are trying to go to bed that will defeat the purpose.

*Need a diffuser or essential oil, stop by our online store. Stadler Form's Jasmine is one of the best diffusers on the market; it last up to 24 hours depending on the setting and it last for years. I and everyone who has obtained one from me has had theirs for 5+ years. Treat yourself to only quality products/thingz; you are worth it!

All and all, if you are under the weather, build up your immune system and start taking better care of yourself. Don’t wait until you get sick to make a change, incorporate these 5 simple holistic remedies into your life more frequently than not, you are worth feeling your very best every day of your life.

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