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3 Reason to Eat Less Meat

This entire Covid-19 experience has been like no other many of us have faced in our lifetime. Various groups of leaders tell us to do one thing one day and then weeks later we are told not to do another. It is safe to say that many are utterly confused by mixed messages that are coming out from all over the place. One big thing that has come about for the past few weeks is the questioning of where our meat supply will come from because plants are shutting down. As of this week, as plants shutter, massive price gouging is occurring because there is a limited supply in the market. This leads me to ask you all can you survive without meat if you had to? I know the answer is yes, but do you really thing you can cope with yet another major change like this?

Three reasons to eat less meat

  1. It is terrible for our environment. Not only does it add to extinction, but it also increases greenhouse gas emissions and heavily pollutes our air and water supply.

  2. Too much can be bad for our health. They are spiking cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation in one’s body. Fruits and vegetables keep you full, are full of nutrients and fiber to keep your insides moving correctly. High fiber diets are also great to avoid constipation and artery-clogging

  3. There is a limited supply. Meat eaters may soon be forced to live a vegetarian or vegan diet even though they don’t want to. Then they will become flexitarian. It is time to prepare the mind for this big shift if this is not something that you are familiar with. We promote meatless Mondays to have people practice limiting their meat but going away with completely can be an arduous yet realistic task.

We understand that no one enjoys being told how to live and what to do, but this pandemic has had so many adults whining as if they were babies, to the point it is hard to discern the difference. The question remains, can our nation survive without meat if it all went away in a matter of days? Only time will provide us the answer. Yes, the hunters will go into action, but perhaps this is all happening for a reason, and if we take a moment to reflect, we can try to understand why we are being forced to slow down and change our ways and seek new perspectives. If lesson’s that are supposed to be learned are not the first time around, believe this, they will come back around again and again.

If you are needing help in getting your health on track, please contact one of our wellness-coaches we will help you on your journey to improved holistic health.

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