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Dream Big, Then Wish Upon A Star!

You are an adult who has lived how ever many years on this earth, you are not happy where you are, but you realize you are better off than you used to be. Deep, deep down inside you know that there is more to life than what you are encountering now, and you want more. What do you do? Where do you turn?

You are never too young to dream, nor believe that whatever your heart desires is within reach with some action. Have you ever wished upon a star as an adult? If not, give it a try, for you really do not have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sometimes going through life so serious or dwelling on what’s wrong, has us forget how magical living a fulfilling life can be, if we just believe that things are truly possible with a childlike spirit. I may have lost you for a moment but follow along with me. The goal is to get you to take your eyes off your current situation or what may be wrong and start thinking about what life could be like if you really believed in yourself; stopped making excuses, living in fear and push yourself to do things you want to do but are uncomfortable to you. No matter what led you to where you are today blocks, programmed behavior, ingrained beliefs, if you want change, it will happen, just wish an take action. To be honest with you, I pray and act, but know everything always starts with a dream.

December is such a festive time of year, that offers a little bit of down time at the end of the month for most. How about wishing upon your lucky star(s) and believe with every fiber of your being that whatever it is that your heart so desires, deserves to come true for you. What harm is it in trying this? Nothing beats a failure but a try. Right? Do you have anything to lose? The worst thing that could happen is nothing at all, but the best thing that can happen is that your dreams or part of them can come true. When your dreams do come true, you will only wonder why you did not believe and act sooner.

Wish List Exercise

You have resided on this earth long enough to know exactly what you want and what you don’t want or what is no longer acceptable to you. It is time to put a plan together, (before the end of the year) so you can achieve the things you want so that you can live the life you dreamed of having. The new year/decade is just around the corner, you have nothing to lose, and a whole lot of new to gain with a dream, a wish, a well thought out action plan and a little faith. Take out your journal and begin to jot down things you truly desire to have. Let the sky be the limit and write down anything you want without judgement of yourself and what others may think and watch the magic happen.

  1. What are 10 things do you wish for before the end of 2019?

  2. What are 10 things do you wish for in 2020?

  3. What are 10 things you wish for before 2030?

Dream, Dream, Dream and then make a wish. Wish upon a star like a fervor’s child. Wishes are not just for kids; but if you feel that they are, remember there is an inner child in all of us crying out to be free.

Lost and don’t know how to develop your goals and/or action plan for your future Contact us here; one of our Coaches will work with you to create a plan to live your best life yet. *Remember you have to make a change if you want something different, doing the same ole things will produce the same ole results.

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