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There is Power in Thanksgiving!

Earthy Naturals Happy Thanksgiving

When you think of “Thanksgiving” what exactly comes to mind? Do you think of the pilgrims that came to a new land? Do you think about how grateful you ought to be to have made it to this new day? Do think about how thankful you should be for the little things in your life, as well as the big? How about the people in your life that make a difference in it daily, are you thankful for them?

You see in the beginning before Thanksgiving was even a holiday, it was a gathering to worship and reverence God for all of the blessings he had bestowed to the Indians and Pilgrims. Today, though many are believing it is about commercialization and a turkey meal; Thanksgiving is still really about feasting, feasting on the (biblical) Word, that has brought blessings, grace and gratitude into one's life. For as the praises go up, supernatural miracles come falling down, making life that much sweeter. So, if you find yourself complaining, irritable making excuses or gossiping, just stop, think and be grateful for what you have and or who you have. If you find yourself saying you don’t have something, go outside and look around and you will notice people who have far less than you. There are people who can’t see, hear and/or feel but they manage and if you have all your senses, that alone is worthy of some praise. If you find someone in distress, offer them a hello with a smile, some words of encouragement and maybe even a hug if they are O.K with that. Your situation is never as bad as it may seem to you. If you are feeling down, get out and engage with others, so that you can turn that frown up right. Having a pity party is never the answer, but having faith and living with thanksgiving every day; not just in November is the key to live a happy life.

This Thanksgiving do something to make you feel good, especially if you've been feeling stressed out lately. Offer up thanks and thank you’s to those who have supported or blessed you in some way, you will be glad you did and they will appreciate it. Lastly, this thanksgiving, remember to be patient, be kind, and more importantly be nice to everyone, including yourself. Show compassion and love to you, for you are deserving of it.

Thanksgiving Power Exercise

Make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful for whether it be from 2019, this decade or anytime before; then speak your list to yourself out loud. It is a formidable exercise that brings great consciousness about what and who are important to you and uplifts the spirit in the process. You will find that there really is power in giving praise and being thankful for all things.


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