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5 Reasons to Include Ginger In Your Diet

I don't know about you, but I never really cared for the taste of ginger, nor turmeric growing up. However, once I found out the enormous health benefits of both of these powerhouses; oh boy, how quickly I did a 360. Now, I can’t stop the consumption of these two herbs/spices. Saying, I can’t get enough of ginger now, is an understatement, because I really do try to use it in just about everything from smoothies, teas, soups, desserts, stir-fry meals; especially quinoa dishes and even as medicinal tincture when feeling a little under the weather. I must admit it is an acquired taste, but it has surely grown on me over the years.

What is Ginger?

Ginger also known as Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and folk medicine. Ginger is close cousins with turmeric (curcumin) and cardamom. Thousands of years ago found in Southeast Asia, today, most of the world production of ginger is grown in India followed by Africa. More and more people in the states have recently decided to grow their own on their land or in their windowsill due to the beneficial medicinal properties.

  • Increase Energy

  • Did you know that the intake of ginger on a frequent basis can help you increase energy and boost your metabolism all while having you lose some weight? Yes, yes, it is true, you can add ginger to your morning smoothie, tea or spread and watch the pounds shed away with little effort; however, exercise or some sort of movement won’t hurt either. Ginger is a zero-calorie suppressant to the appetite, so the more you have, the fuller you will feel and the less food you will crave. Sounds good huh. Get on it!

  • Upset Stomach ... No More

  • If your stomach is ever feeling fuzzy, or nauseous a piece of ginger candy or some hot ginger tea with lemon is the perfect drink to soothe it. Even a spicy hot soup with endless herbs and spice along with the ginger and some garlic of course is beneficial in calming the stomach of any discomfort. You ever wonder why ever since you were a kid your parents reached for that Ginger-ale Soda and why you do so now too, to calm your tummy ache or your love ones?

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Feeling bloated, inflamed or in some sort of pain? It may be time to intake some ginger to alleviate those symptoms. Now, in most cases it will take roughly a day or two before relief comes about; but do note inflammation your body did not just pop overnight. Some lifestyle changes are needed to occur to reduce the symptoms permanently. Best believe that with some consistent intake of ginger in your diet, the pain will indeed subside. Every day pain, that does not go away is not normal, so stop living in pain and make an holistic change.

  • Shrinks Tumors

  • Did you know before people were thinking about ingesting ginger in food, teas, soups and tonics they were already using it for medicinal reasons. Today is no different, as more and more people are catching on to holistic ways to care for themselves ginger is on the top of the list of herbs/spices to work with to prevent and conquer disease.

  • Gingerol is the most thoroughly researched compound in ginger. It is always found in fresh ginger. Shogaol which is found in the root of dried ginger is said to be more potent than gingerol in attacking and killing off tumors in the body.

  • Memory Loss

  • Dealing with a form of Alzheimer’s or Dementia or simply forgetting more often? Then there is no time like the present to begin to incorporate ginger into your diet on a regular basis for a reversal to come about. Studies are showing people and rats who were given high dosages of ginger, memory has improved over time vs. those who did not have any ginger at all. This is promising evidence on why ginger really does need to be a part of your life.

As you begin to celebrate this Holiday Season', don’t forget to digest some moist delicious gingerbread cookies, ginger tea, ginger tonic and/or ginger pea soup among the many other things you can make. Strongly consider incorporating ginger into the festive Season and into your healthy lifestyle more often for you to notice a difference. Add some cinnamon to your ginger desserts and drinks and boy are you in for super healthy tasty indulgence and it does not hurt that your circulation may improve in the process too. Treat your body good as you rejoice and revel in this Season, think twice or maybe three times before putting something in it or on your body that will lead it to chronic inflammation.

*Need some assistance in starting on an anti-inflammatory diet for a New You, in the New Decade? E-mail us here or contact us through the main page. We can set you on a program to start you on the right path to improved health in 2020.

*Check with your Doctor before taking ginger if you think you are pregnant or are pregnant. Though ginger has no known side effects; everyone’s body is different and too much may lead to a miscarriage.

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Three Natural Cancer Benefits of Ginger

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