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Letting Go of the Old, While Preparing for the New!

This is the second month of the final quarter of 2019, of this decade, and as the time is closing in on the end of the year and decade; we need to prepare for what we want in our next chapter of life.

Question for you? What do you need to let go of now, in 2019 before entering 2020? Ponder on that question for a moment … take a deep breath and begin to write down what comes to you.

You may still be meditating on that question, but if you think about it long and hard enough, there is some things going on in your life now that you no longer enjoy or feel the need to tolerate; it maybe be bringing on unnecessary anxiety and stress. Heck there maybe even some people in your life, some habits you have and want to break, someway your body feels or looks that you want to change and on and on the stories may go. There may be an array of circumstances and people that are in your life because you are holding on to them even though they no longer serve you and your goals or direction. Yet you continue to find excuses to hold on to what is not good for you because of what? The answer could be endless but most of the time it is limiting beliefs, comfort, excuses and fear of being without your norm. The issue is you have told yourself things that are not true and are afraid that you can’t manage without those strong holds, but the truth is you can if you really want to and you will actually be O.K. The truth is you told yourself some uncomfortable lies to comfort your ego and spirit from the reality you live and it is a fact that once you let go you will be quite alright; things will not be as bad as you think when you make that shift into consciousness and simply let go. You see change does not often happen overnight, but then again whatever you need to let go of did not happen over night either. Stretching of one’s mind and doing things differently takes time but it does not take forever to occur if you really want it. Think of it as exercise, if you have not worked out in a long time you will surely suffer from DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness) but after 48 to 72-hour, 96 max you’ll be moving along as if nothing ever happened.

Earthy Naturals Stretching

Letting Go

As you prepare to move into the new decade get ahead of the curve by starting to plan out what you expect for the next year of your life, followed by the next 5 to 10 years. If you have no goals, you have no direction and you will continue to run circles around yourself heading in nowhere but the same directions with the same results. However, when you set goals to let go of people, things and places it can be accomplished when you act. Easier said than done, I hear you but that is not true. You see when you write things down, feel what you are writing about with all of your being. Let the emotions come out of you and on to the paper and then take action in a direction that is different and possibly uncomfortable from what you are familiar too. If you want something different you always must do something different no matter how awkward it may make you feel; you won’t break.

5 Ways to let go and prepare for 2020.

  1. What and who do you need to purge from your life before the end of this year?

  2. Whatever no longer serves you, you need to hit delete. There will always be memories, and sometimes scars that come with them memories, but it is time to hit stop and possibly pause or delete on some things in your life. There is no time like a new decade to focus on having a new start. Use these three months to prepare you ahead of the game to avoid some of the withdrawals you may have if you were to do things without planning them out.

  3. What do you want? Why do you want it?

  4. Take out a journal and write down at least 5 things you want and why you want them. Be as clear or specific as possible while writing this and write as much as you need to with no limits. If it takes you 30 minutes to do this, so be it; just be super honest with yourself for life is too short to be doing and manifesting things, people and places you don’t want or no longer serves you.

  5. Develop an Action Plan on how you will obtain it

  6. Now that you know what you want, write down your goals on things you can do within your own power to obtain the goals.

  7. Focus with all you

  8. Review everything you have written thus far and let it sit for a day or two. Meditate on what has been written thus far. Do you still passionate about it? If not, re-write your goals and plan. If so, start writing out dates/times when you will accomplish what it is you so desire

  9. Write 2 letters

  10. Write a letter to the new you or the person you strive to become so that you can plant or put away until the end of 2020. Write another letter for 10 years from now describing what and who you expect to become by then. The goal is for you to work towards some new things or people to obtain in your life so when you come back and check on these letters at the two different points in your life you can see how close you came to achieving what you set out to get.. When you write your letters, there is a piece of you involved, when you read it, it is a powerful aha-ha of what it is that the true self within really desired and when you look back you can see how far you come from when you started in 2019. This action is to demonstrate to you how powerful you really are. It will show you how when you think of something, write it down, take action and go about your life and watch your seeds grow your manifestations good or bad do come into fruition.

What seeds would you like to plant over the remainder of the year so that you can watch your life change supernaturally in the new direction you so desire? If you are lost and have no goals of which can be quite scary and unwise, we suggest you hire a career or life coach to help you on this journey. There comes a time when one gets tired of living average or a mediocre life and should consider what life could be like if they had it all and yes that is possible if one gets up off their bottoms and make that change to be and do better. Start by letting go of the old; purge and start preparing for the new. A new you for a New decade "Starting the work is two-thirds of it." You must start somewhere.

Contact Us Here to work with us. We will discuss your current situation, goals and determine how to move forward with the change you desire and need.

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