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6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Earthy Naturals Halloween Pumpkin

I so love Halloween, it is that one time of the year when everyone gets to dress up and be whomever it is that they want to be while having fun with no judgement. We get to trick a treat all month long and have a blast hoping from place to place. The thing is as we get older, we must be more responsible in how much of the treat we should indulge in from the trick or treat. Instead of obtaining 5 lbs. to 10 lbs. of candy, perhaps we should set our goal on only 1 lb. and take half of that and donate or share it. All of that sugar can lead to the feeling of lethargicism (not a word) but we can feel very tired because our sugar levels are spiked and then dropped rather quickly. Feeling tired and drained is in no way a great feeling to have; so be aware or pace yourself.

Instead of doing nothing or heading out for Halloween, you can always stay in and watch a few spooky movies that will excite your heart. A few good suggestions would be one of my favorites A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scary Movie, Halloween or Chucky (Child's Play) to name a few. The list of scary movies that represent Halloween is endless so it is not hard to find them. Don’t let Halloween or the week of Halloween have you sit around feeling bloated and tired from eating a bunch of candy or sweets. Have some fun, get dressed up and be who you want to be if not forever just for the week or day of Halloween.

6 Ways to Enjoy Halloween

  1. Make something scary but tasty and healthy

  2. Can that even be done? Yes, a scary caramel or chocolate dip apple or pumpkin is perfect. Cut an apple and add a tongue with the insides of a strawberry and eyes with blueberries.

  3. Make a simple pumpkin pie and carve out a face for the occasion.

  4. Dress up and be your alter ego

  5. Who said you are too old to dress up and be whomever you want to be? Let lose and go for it, this is your day to get that mask or costume and just be.

  6. Watch a Scary Movie

  7. Don’t feel like going out? Stay home and watch a movie. Whether you have Netflix, Hulu or Fios there is bound to be a movie to spook you out and have you jump or scream from the horror it ignites. Here a few suggestions if you want to feel a horror jolt.

  8. Nightmare on Elm Street

  9. Friday the 13th (If you are going to run, please don't trip or fall, he is going to get you)

  10. Scary Movie

  11. Child's Play (Chucky)

  12. The Amityville Horror

  13. Poltergeist

  14. Halloween

  15. The Exorcist

  16. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  17. Annabelle

  18. Read a Mystery or Scary Book

  19. Nothing like a good book to get you in the spirit of the occasion. Pick one that is spooky.

  20. Carve A Pumpkin

  21. Pick and carve a pumpkin or get some mini pumpkins and have a carving party. It does not take long to be as creative as you want to be.

  22. Trick or Treat

  23. Go out and peruse the neighborhood and meet others who are in the spirit of things. Sometimes the treat is money, it is not always candy. Now, if a home is not participating it is no way a reason to play a trick on them, no that it is O.K and keeping moving to those who are in tuned with the spirit of Halloween.

Have A Happy & Healthy Halloween~! Be Safe!

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