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Apple & Pumpkin Picking for Better Health!

Fall is upon us, yes, it is even though there is snow on the West Coast and extremely hot temperatures on the East Coast; Summer is gone, and Winter has yet to arrive in theory, but Fall is indeed here.

Whether you can get out to either apple and/or pumpkin pick or not, consider incorporating one or both of these nutrition delights into your diet and space this Fall. Having these 2 fine fresh ingredients around your home during this Season makes for some pretty delicious meals, desserts too and even some great body care products. Both apples and pumpkins are filled with antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber among many other benefits which can enhance your total being and have your insides and outsides thanking you for it.


You’ve probably heard of the old Welsh proverb that states eating an apple before bed will cause the Doctor to not earn your money. Meaning eat more fruits and vegetables specifically apples will keep you healthy and feeling A O.K. Apples are a powerhouse that one can consume every day, morning, noon and/or night. It is packed with Vitamins such A, B2, C and Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. It does not hurt that it is full of fiber to ensure that foods that are eaten come out quickly either; this helps to reduce cholesterol and inflammation in the body.


Pumpkin are packed with just as much nutritious goodness as apples, the thing is it is only popular during this time of year. From October to December you will see an influx of pumpkin like no other time because they have been commercialized to be used during Halloween and Thanksgiving and December Holiday Season.

Like, apples pumpkins host an abundance of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are filled with vitamin A, B, C, E. They also have manganese, copper, iron and phosphorus. Pumpkins contain antioxidants, such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin which have been known to reduce or eliminate free radicals that causes harmful diseases within the body. The vitamin A has been known to improve eyesight, hair and skin. Vitamin A has been linked to growing tissue, skin and hair. Vitamin A is so powerful it can help to keep one's skin looking healthier longer by reducing wrinkles and help hair retain its moisture and shine to avoid breakage too.

Many people think pumpkins are a Seasonal item because it is harvested in late August thru early October for primarily Halloween, Thanksgiving and December, but it is actually used throughout the entire year especially in various American pastry and delicatessen shops. The pumpkin is canned or jarred so that it can last an entire year and sometimes longer. One thing lots of folks do is remove the seeds to use for other dishes or as a nutritional snacks; hence pumpkin seeds of which they are roasted and spiced up with various seasonings for all types of meals such as oatmeal.

Not only are apples and pumpkin nutritious alone, they also make for some amazing dishes such as oatmeal, pies, strudels, drinks and more. I love to make my own raw pumpkin soup made in my Blendtec blender; it is so lite and delightful. In addition, there is nothing like my 5-ingredient raw pumpkin pie or pumpkin quinoa casserole. One can also use apples and pumpkins to make natural lotions, lipsticks, conditioners, shampoos scrubs, soaps, you name it. The smell of these decadent ingredients can awaken all the senses; allowing for a vibrant celebration full of festivities whichever one wants to partake in. (No pun intended)

In Conclusion

This Fall won’t you consider attending an apple or pumpkin picking event in your local area. Let me tell you the fruit from such events taste way better than the fruits in the supermarket. I’ve not been able to eat apples raw ever unless they were cooked because they hurt my throat; well I was given a fresh picked apple from upstate NY and I had no reaction whatsoever while eating it within 5 minutes of it being put in my hands. Now apple picking is something I do at least once every year. I'm late to the game, but I am not in it for the long haul.

Enjoy National Apple Month and pick up some Pumpkins while you are at too.

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