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Take Part in Farmer's Market Week!

Farmer's Market Week

From August 4th to August 10th it is National Farmer’s Market Week throughout the nation. With so many chemicals in the foods we eat, this is the perfect week to support your local markets by buying some fresh foods to take home to make your own meals which will taste much better than most restaurants. From fresh asparagus, basil, cilantro to dandelions parsley and thyme head out and pick your favorite herbs, foods and dessert to start you or keep you on a journey of exemplary health.

There is no better time than now, when it is hot and muggy outside to keep your meals fresh and lite. If you are not near a farmer’s market shop your local supermarkets and look for seasonal items and or products that are grown locally and that are in no way processed.

As a plus always remember to chew your food slowly to obtain the great flavors in your food and to ease the digestion of the foods as they go down. Savor every bite with at least 20 chews for soft texture foods and 32 to 40 for harder textured foods like meat. Lastly, try not to eat while doing other things for it tends to have one eat more than they want to because their focus is not on consciously enjoying the meal, they often forget that. Hurrying a meal is never good for the digestion system and it makes ones feel lethargic.Check out our piece on growing your own windowsill garden it may inspire you to give this a try while still shopping at the market. Don't forget to stop buy our store and pick up one of the eco-friendly/sustainable bags so that you are not carrying any plastic bags on your farmer's market trips.


Farmer’s Market Coalition

USDA National Farmers Market Directory

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