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Self-Belief, Why Don't You Believe in You?

I can’t say this enough, wherever you are today, right now, at this moment, you are because of choices you made; it is your perspective on how you handled situations in the past which has you where you are today. Good or bad you decided to handle things in the past the way you did, and you are just facing the consequences of those choices now. If the results are not to your liking and they keep on going in a direction not pleasing to you, with lack of progress; a change is in order. To make any change, one must first believe they are able to do it before they can even take a step in a different direction.

Own It

You see, there comes a time when one must grow up and stop blaming others for what they don’t have, what went wrong and/or what is missing in their lives. One must take some time to reflect and understand that they are the common theme in all of their continuous mishaps and relationships. So unless one takes the time to own it (take responsibility) and get some Professional help to fix the deceit within themselves, they will continuously keep traveling in the same circle of dismay with endless pity parties for the rest of their lives. Looking back in the end wondering what they have done was wasted a lifetime with endless drama, deceit and defeat, instead of believing they could have done more to better themselves to live their best life.


If you do not believe in you, why should anyone else believe in you? How many times have you said the words “I don’t believe …?” Think about that, you did not accomplish what you needed to because you thought and said those exact words and that was what was delivered to you. To believe in yourself, does take ample courage, but it also takes determination, integrity, a sound mind and the willingness to work at being an improved person too. It takes mindfulness, the ability to be aware of one’s thoughts, the words one speaks and sometimes the environment and people they are around for they are all influential. To walk through life lying to one-self and others is only hinder-some. Having a negative excuse train that is constantly running is not beneficial to believing in oneself; however, a mind-set shift for the positive is. Focusing more on the present and where one wants to be is beneficial in improving one’s self belief than focusing on a past that may not have been that good to you. The past is written and done with, but the future is not here yet so take that negative energy and flip the switch to being positive and start believing in achieving or winning instead of going back in time reliving something that may not have been pleasant and beneficial to you.


Now that you have decided to start believing in yourself be sure to take actions, by developing goals; SMART one’s if you will; one’s that will help you to achieve what you so desire. Knowing exactly what it that you want, when you want it by and feeling it with every ounce of your being is imperative to your success here. To achieve your goals sometimes you may have to change environments and circles, engage with new people, build new relationships that are beneficial to where you want to go so that you can be propelled forward. Sometimes people from the past, are not always for you, they are so selfishly wrapped up in their own world; that they do not want to do anything but complain and make excuses about their problems vs. figuring out solutions to live their best lives with great expectations that things will can get better when they decide to become better versions of themselves. To believe in yourself is to know that it is O.K to ASK for better, attract better and reach for the stars; for one only has the limits that is put on them by themselves; especially once they are full grown adults. Excuses, Fear, and Foes can wreak havoc on one’s dreams, but self-belief can move mountains and develop supernatural victories that are beyond one’s imagination.

In Conclusion

You can’t change your past, for it is already written in the books. However, the future has not happened yet, so if you want something different, something more fulfilling and better than what you have experienced in your life thus far, you must believe in yourself and start doing something different to make these things happen. It really is not that hard to do when you get fed-up of living stuck and at the bottom. Isn’t it time to rise to the top? Life is too short to not believe in you; heck if you are up there in age and won’t start believing in you now, who else do you think will care enough to do so ever? So not that you know it is imperative to believe in yourself so that you can unlock your unlimited potential, what will you do with the remainder of your time? Note that instead of believing things are impossible start believing that you are possible and say it "I'm Possible" more often than not.

Things to Celebrate This August

National Peach Month

National Watermelon Day August 3rd, 2019

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