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The Heat is Real...Climate Change

This Week we want to do something different with the blog since we have witnessed so much extreme weather throughout the country this month; especially in alone the deep south to southeast and mid to north east. As you may know there is some serious global warming occurring around the world on and if something is not done soon; we are all going to experience a severe catastrophe…. At this point we may not be able to rely on our own government to assist in this matte for it looks as though they are making things worst; therefore we need to protect ourselves and have back up plans in place on how to protect ourselves just in case something was to happen severe in our direct area.

Recently, let say for the past 3 to 4 months, Showtime has been airing the 2004 movie “The Day After Tomorrow” which features a star-studded cast including Dennis Quaid, one of our favorites Jake Gyllenhaal, Sela Ward and Emmy Rossum to name a few. This movie should be viewed by everyone, if not seen yet, it how displays how global warming has impacted the entire world; but especially the United States eastern most hemisphere. Dennis Wade who plays a Climatologist and his friends set out to rescue and save his son, who is visiting NY when all the devastation from the earth’s weather goes down. Dennis character is also trying to get through to the VP of the US ego what is actually happening and what needs to be done quickly.This movie focuses on the weather from a cold/ice stand point of view vs. the heat that is occurring now, but things can go in either direction as the temps changes. Though this a movie we are referencing, there is a lot of truth in it and perhaps was made to warn us of what may come down the road. It appears that the producers and directors were indeed visionaries for what was seen as odd then is coming across quite real now.

Nevertheless, follow the below links to get educated on the current climate changes. It is important to stay informed so you can always be 3 steps ahead of any situation that may occur. In addition, when you get a moment, take a peek or glimpse at the movie and see how you feel after watching it, now knowing and seeing what you do in this day in age.

Heat Statistics - North EAST

Heat Statistics - National

Review the Killer Heat in the United States Entire Report Here

Consider this a history and pre-warning lesson, allowing you to know what is to come before it happens and why it is happening in the first place and what you can do now to be ready

Be Prepared & Safe. Stay Cool, Hydrated & Knowledgeable!


Union of Concerned Scientists (Science for a healthy planet and Safer World)

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