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Fresh Spinach Day

Fresh Spinach

National Spinach Day is celebrated on March 26th, but in July we celebrate Fresh Spinach Day on the 16th of the month every year. I know when I was kid, I did not like many vegetables; but when I found out that Spinach was what Popeye ate to get his great strength, I was tricked into liking it. Now, I must say it worked because to this day it is still one of my favorite vegetables and I love it.

Spinach is a vegetable that is known as a leafy green and is full of many vitamins and minerals. Spinach has Vitamins A, B, C, E & K in it and minerals like manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium present. Spinach in its raw form is composed of 91% of water in one leaf, now you can see why this is an optimum vegetable; it is also full of fiber hence one never has to worry about constipation. Now even though Spinach does not have as much iron as originally thought back in the 1870's, it still has a host of vitamins and minerals to give it, its power punch of vibrancy to fulfill the the body's anti-oxidant needs.

Earthy Naturals

I personally like my spinach raw, sautéed or in smoothies, but others put it in their lasagna, omelets, patties, grits you name it. For today, if at all possible, consume spinach in either salads or smoothie form for that is what the word "Fresh" implies here on Spinach Day. To go with the blueberry month theme, I have had a blueberry pineapple spinach smoothie for breakfast and will have a blueberry cucumber spinach salad with guacamole and hemp hearts for lunch. For dinner, I will have a blueberry spinach quinoa salad with pine nuts. Yes, I planned out what I was having ahead of time for this day. Nevertheless, the point is, that it is too easy not to make the best of this day, so go all the way good and healthy and consume some fresh spinach and blueberries too.:) Eating healthy does not have to be an arduous task with a little planning one can use 2 healthy items for many meals and fix the meals in less than 30 minutes as well.


Happy Blueberry Month & Fresh Spinach Day!

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