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Indulge in National Blueberry Month

Did you know the month of July is National Blueberry Month? Back in 2003 the United States Dept. of Agriculture developed a proclamation deeming this to be the case. (see here) This affords us the opportunity to be as creative or as simple as we want to be when incorporating blueberries into our life this month; from muffins to cupcakes, to acai bowls or anything in between.

July is the perfect month to get out and shop for some blueberries or go blueberry picking. You can go to a local farmers market and pick tons of fresh blueberries or you can head over to your local supermarket or big box store and get the lowest prices of the Season on blueberries this month thru the remainder of the Summer. Since it is a holiday weekend, we will not keep you long; when you get a moment look at some of our previous post on the benefits of blueberries for you do not want to live without them because they are true mini powerhouses for optimum health. One of the first things you will notice differently once you begin to consume blueberries is nail growth. Within 2 to 3 days your nails will become noticeably longer and stronger than they were prior. Now once you ease up off the blueberries your nails may break, so it is always wise to make the blueberries a consistent part of your healthy eating routine; at least once or twice a week at minimum. Purchase more than enough now and freeze them to save hundreds of dollars for when the price increases; blueberries can go up to as much as $12.99 a pound. The polyphenols in blueberries are filled with antioxidant and are wonderful in fighting free radicals and alleviating inflammation in the body too. I guarantee you will not regret adding blueberries to your life; especially this time of year.

Since last month, I have been incorporating blueberries twice a day into my daily regime. I use blueberries in my morning smoothie and at night in my green elixir. My nighttime drink is quite bitter and medicinal because it is not as sweet as the morning one which has a banana in it and a lot less dandelion(s) and no ginger and other greens. This drink enhances circulation and helps to relieve the body of excess mucous and inflammation.

The Blueberry Elixir:

A handful of blueberries fresh or frozen (no spoon needed)

10 leaves of organic dandelion

½ cucumber

3 organic celery stalks

1 lemon

2 handful(s) or 3 to 4 sticks of pineapples. (I buy fresh pineapples cut up from Costco for $7.99) or whole pineapples from $1.50 to $2.50 this time of year.

1 bunch of celery

1 bunch of parsley

1 clove of garlic

½ clove of ginger

Optional: Add some cayenne or 1/4 habanero pepper for some heat if you can handle it.


You can either juice all of this or add it to the blender. If you are feeling lazy or in a rush just put it all in the blender with about 5-7 cubes of ice and you will have a nice refreshing drink in minutes. You are truly cleansing your body out with this potent elixir drink. You will wake up feeling fully refreshed, lighter and ready for wonderful start to your new day.

Think of ways you can incorporate blueberries into your healthy living regime. Go out today and stock up while the price is just right. You can add to cereal, pies, yogurt, sorbet, ice-cream, ice pops, smoothies, cakes just to name a few the list is endless when you become creative. In a rush but want to stay healthy and cool and not spend an arm and a leg? Stop by Costco and pick-up an acai bowl for just $5.00. Every time I am online and someone see's mine they decide to order one too or forgo that hot-dog or pizza. It is delicious, nutritious and refreshing.

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