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Sustain Your Brain, Improve Your Health!

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Health Awareness, as well as Men’s Health Month. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million which is quite alarming. We all know at least two to three people that are suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia or who has had it, or it can even be us and since we do, we know it is real and serious and should be taken as so.

Now, while we may not realized this when in our youth and are thriving and having fun; the decisions we made then or make now, can greatly affect the health of our overall health inclusive of our brain down the line or even right now. Let’s not take for granted the fact that knowledge is indeed power. What we do with the knowledge is even more a factor on how we will end up; for it is never to late to make some changes.

A few things we can do now to help us on improving our overall health inclusive of our brain health is to:

  1. Stay hydrated

  2. Drink more water so that we are constantly eliminating toxins from the food we put in our body and the products we put on our skin.

  3. Be an avid, yet constant learner

  4. You are never to old to learn something new, what is it they say, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” Yes, it is, keep learning. Always participate in activities that keep your mind active and engaged. Go to school take a class, teach a class, read books, do your crosswords, engage in games on line. Solitaire is a favorite or microsoft solitaire collection consisting of free cell, pyramid, tri-peaks and spider. The list of games to play to keep the mind active is endless these days.

  5. Get ample rest

  6. At least 8 hours of sleep a night or whenever you are able is ideal for keeping the body in tip top shape.

  7. Be social

  8. Having friends and/or family around may be helpful in alleviating brain decline. It is helpful to be involved in engaging relationships that are not too stressful on the body

  9. Exercise Regularly

  10. A routine that is 3x to 5x a week that last for 30 minutes or more is optimum for the body; make that commitment.

  11. Meditate/Pray

  12. To destress from life’s stressors, find some quiet time to go within. Meditate and/or pray to calm your spirit and feel at peace with daily living

  13. Reminisce on the good times and do things to keep you feeling happy as much as possible.

  14. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

  15. One that is abundant in plants with brain protective compounds including; apples, beets, oranges, leafy greens, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, olives, herbs like rosemary, sage, saffron, ginger and turmeric and other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids (almonds, walnuts, flax, chia).

  16. Be sure to take a multi-vitamin or supplements that focuses on vitamin A (beta carotene), C, D, E and all the foods rich in B-complex vitamins flavonoids, folate, and magnesium.

This month empower yourself with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of your health, maintain your health or improve your health. This Father’s Day, won’t you celebrate by making a commitment to better health for your dad and yourself. Review these statistics in men's health alone for they are quite startling. Instead of going out to eat at restaurants that will offer foods that will disturb the system with unhealthy meals that will clog and inflame the body, cook a healthy meal at home or if you must go out invest in salads or other lite foods that don’t tax the body’s system,

Lastly, On Monday June 17th, 2019 acknowledge “National eat your vegetable day” which also falls on meatless Monday’s. Use this day to not eat meat. Well do yourself one better and do not eat any inflammatory foods. If you need a reason to eat healthy this month there is no better day to do it. Need assistance with improving your health hire a Health Coach/Personal Trainer/Fitness Nutritionist and/or Behavior Change Professional to help guide you through making better health choices.


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