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World Oceans Day

Today, Saturday June 8th 2019 is World Oceans Day. This day follows closely behind World Environment Day each year which is on June 5th. World Oceans Day allows us the opportunity to celebrate the blue waters around the world by bringing consciousness to how pollution is affecting our marine life with plastic pollution and offshore drilling.

Today all throughout the world people are taking part in events to celebrate the day. Visit the World Oceans Day Site and see various events that are going on that you can participate in. There are events at museums, zoos, beaches and parks this weekend so it is easy to get involved in some form if you care too. Doing something for our environment can uplift your spirit while also helping you to meet new people who care about planet as much as you.

Please take a look at this video to learn more about how there will eventually be more (2050) plastic in the oceans, than fish if we do not do something or at least our part to take care of the planet. Also click here to learn how the actions you make today can impact the world of our future.

While out this weekend, won't you pick up plastic and put it in the garbage, if you are at the beach carry the plastic to land and dispose of it in a garbage. Say "No" to plastic bags and use reusable ones that are recyclable. Shop Now

Do your part and remember every little bit does help.

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