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Faith vs. Fear... How Are You Living?

Are you living in Faith or are you living in FEAR?

Deep yet interesting question huh? Take a moment or two to ponder on what is being asked? What’s your response? Do you know why this is so? Are you content with where you are?

To operate in faith vs. fear is ultimately a choice that one has decided to make based on their beliefs, environments, thoughts and words. Now that you are aware of this, you should really come to an understanding of how truly powerful you are as a human being in directing the steps of your life. Good or bad you made many of the decisions that has led you to where you are today, and you will continue to make such decisions as long as you live. If you are not happy with where you are right now, or where you are heading you have an opportunity to change that by making different decisions today that will make an impact on your future in an entirely new direction.


Faith is a substance of things not seen, nor yet known. According to Webster’s dictionary, faith is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof, but one trusts and believes in that thing anyway.


Fear is a response to an unpleasant strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger according to the Webster’s dictionary. It is to be afraid of something and many times one does not know what that something is yet.

Your Power

It takes a lot of energy to believe in Faith, as it also does the same to believe in Fear. If either is held on to for too long, they can manifest into what it is one does or does not want to occur in ones’ lives. Need proof, think back over certain periods of your life, I am sure you will notice how this has happened. I can’t stress this enough good or bad what you have put your Faith in has happened and what you have feared or thought the worst about has happened too. You may have had faith you were going to get that new job you now have, but at the same time you may have been fearing about your ability to keep it or get that raise to afford to pay down your debts. In realty, it’s all one’s perspective on how they chose to deal with the situation’s life hands them. How do you choose to respond to the things that you are hit with in life? Will you let it get the best of you and stress you or will you live worry free and believe all things will work together for your greater good. It is so easy to be negative and live in fear that is how most people on earth live. Bickering and complaining about what’s to come or may never come makes one stuck and feel good for the moment; but living in faith makes one live more confident and free because one knows Gods has the power to turn any situation around at any time.

If you are unhappy with the way that your life has been or is going won’t you, please consider making a decision this month to try to live faith filled instead of fear filled. Kick fear to curb and tell it that is not not allowed to speak to you anymore. “I am not available to hear what you have to say today nor any day. for I am in control of my destiny.” Affirm such language to yourself on a regular basis so that you can start to believe that you have authority of what is spoken into and over your life.

In Conclusion

Would you say you are you living in FAITH or FEAR? Be honest with yourself. If you have been living in Fear your entire life or up until this moment, how about making a choice to test the waters this month and try to operate with unprecedented Faith. Be courageous, be strong, be fearless even when fear comes a knocking at your door; tell it to be quiet it does not live in your home/space anymore. In the end it is a choice that you will have to make and it always up to you to say goodbye to fear and its negative connotations. Consider the fact that if you have been living in Fear for so long and you want to see so much more happen in your life for the better maybe, just maybe it is time to operate in the opposite direction to see where you may be led. You already know one part of the spectrum, try your chances on the other side, after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Seek Strength

In the Bible, there is a “Do Not Worry” Chapter. Yes, yes it really does exist, it is within Matthews. Matthews 6:25-34 to be exact. It clearly provides reasons on why one does not need to worry nor live in fear if they seek the kingdom of his righteousness. Open the B.I.B.L.E and take heed to what it is that this chapter is saying to you, meditate on it and receive it, then head on over to Matthew 7:7 where you are told to ASK for what you want and wait for it to come to pass. Now, don’t just sit around being negative, blaming, complaining and grumbling in disbelief; be more actionable and positive, a beacon of shining light on someone’s else situation while you seek your miracles to manifest. Hold on and know that every day that you have breath is another day that you have an opportunity to make things happen for yourself and others. So, whatever it is you are going through, no matter how big the mountain is in this Season, know that this too will be over soon. It is just another test that will make you stronger so you can tackle the next one. Note this, no one walks through this life without scars, not I, nor you but by walking in faith everyone is able to conquer their fears by knowing everything is going to be O.K when they trust in the almighty Father. Commit to walking in Faith and not by what it is you see or don't see. Be repetitious in feeding your spirit so that you are not able to relapse back into where you no longer want to be. Focus on faith so that you will be the victor not the victim in all areas of your life..

Faith vs. Fear….. Blessings and Grace only operates in one.

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