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Letting Go of Procrastination

Are you or someone close to you an everlasting perpetual procrastinator? The characteristics of people who are procrastinators vary but most are living their life in constant fear, with self-doubt, low self-esteem, excuses and so on. Sometimes these individuals are depressed and/or filled with anxiety and can’t understand why they are unable to move forward or accomplish anything worth having. As perplexing as it is to them (the reasons why they procrastinate), it is the same to those who know them because they are not doing what they need to do, to further themselves along; they are living life stagnant and stuck. When you ask them where they are going? they don’t seem to know, but always has a reason or an excuse why they hadn’t done something and are often very defensive when addressing a question or situation. The sad thing is when they reflect back over their life, they often notice that they are living with some deep seeded pain, resentment and oh so much regret because they have been putting off what they could have done for days which then turns into months and then years and eventually decades. This is truly a sad way to walk the earth that has bestowed on to all of us endless opportunities if we just takes action and/or seek assistance on how to move forward and obtain our desires. If you are not a procrastinator, I am sure that you know someone that is and it is quite perplexing how they are often conscious of their ability to make excuses and their inability to move forward in a fulfilling direction. Do note, that just because one is an avid procrastinator does not mean it is too late to change if one wants to. Help is out there, one just needs to seek it out and by seeking it out that means doing something that may appear hard at first but will become easier with effort and time.

In order to stop procrastinating one must adopt better habits, ones that hold them accountable for doing what they say they are going to do or what they say they want in a timely manner. Procrastinators must become motivated and inspired to be and do better than what they have done in the past and start living in the now to prepare for a better future. This all starts with a decision to become a planner and driver in one's life instead of being a back-seat passenger.

7 Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating

  1. Prioritize

  2. What is it that is important to you? What is it that you would love to accomplish in this lifetime, this month, this year, next year?

  3. Work on what is most important first before deciding to work on smaller things, it makes things easier when you see results from the big stuff.

  4. Set aside time to accomplish what it is that you seek to have in your life.

  5. If you want a promotion a promotion or a new job, you have to take the steps to get it. Network, search, get out there, don’t stay stagnant in the same job/role for 20 years and wonder why you are unhappy and are earning no money or a lot less of your peers who has moved around. Everyone has a choice, you decide when, where and why you need to move forward. Being and living stuck is never productive to one’s career. It leads to unhappiness and a pay check increase of pennies instead of serious jumps within the thousands.

  6. Start your day, week and/ or month off with some serious SMART goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely)

  7. If you have nowhere to go, where are you going? Develop some goals and make sure your goals are time bound, give yourself a date by when you would like something to happen.

  8. Write down your goals and do something to obtain them

  9. Download an app to keep you on task or just use your calendar, hire an accountability coach or find a partner.

  10. Keep a journal (address the problem)

  11. Write down what you are afraid of and ask yourself why that is so and jot that down too?

  12. What would happen if you take action to obtain what you want? How would you feel?

  13. What will life look like if you don’t take action to get what you want? Can you really afford to go on like this any longer?

  14. Do note, that everyone fails at times and those who fail the most and are successful in most cases because they took on thing’s others were too afraid to. They are risk takers and doers and don't sit back waiting for things to happen, they make sweet lemonade out of everything they attempt to do.

  15. Encourage yourself

  16. When bad thoughts pop in your mind, tell them to go away and stay the course for you have things to do and procrastination is not going to help you to get there.

  17. Speak what you want into existence. (Life is in the power of the tongue)

  18. Get around new people

  19. Change the people you hang around. I can’t say it enough you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most; you are an average of them. If you want something better or different step up higher on the ladder and reach for success, for staying where you are at will not provide new results. However when doing something different and getting around people who are ambitious, this will help you move forward because such people will not tolerate anyone around them that is attempting to hold them back, they are too focused on achieving and believing to let things go any other way.

  20. Environment/Space

  21. Commit to a space where you will go to regularly, to stay focus on getting your tasks done on time or in a timely fashion to avoid set-backs.

  22. If you have an assignment to complete set aside a space in your house, go to a library and just hash things out as much as you are able.

  23. If you need to work out, hit the gym, hire a Trainer. Go to the park or get on a bike and go for a ride. Do something to get your exercise in, for sitting around has never been helpful to your health.

  24. Reward yourself

  25. It does not have to be anything big, expensive or super extravagant, but reward yourself for accomplishing some or all your set out dreams/goals. Reward yourself for your ability to try to give up procrastinating for it is a step in a good direction. You need to feel good about what you are doing so that you keep up the good work and don’t relapse. No one can reward you better than yourself so that thing you want to do, just do it.

In the end, we all have the same 24 hours, 1,440, minutes, 84,600 seconds in a day, what we do with each moment is up to us, it is best to be productive with our time here on earth rather than to squabble it away with continual procrastination. If you are a procrastinator or find yourself going down the road of one often, consider changing things around this month. Consider making a vow to yourself to stop procrastinating, making excuses and act on the things you know you ought to do to be successful or who and what you want to be. Look around you, as you can see, no day is promised to anyone; more and more people are dropping of this earth like flies in their youth, prime, and old age with so much left to do inside of them. Pause or press the stop button when it comes to continuous procrastination for it does nothing but keep one stuck and immobile living a lifestyle of constant destruction. Decide, to leave the negative behavior of procrastination behind and start May off fresh and ready to make changes, you owe it to yourself to live your best life yet by branching out into the new and leaving the familiar behind.

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