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7 Tips to Cope with Stress Now!

Stress is unavoidable, it happens to the best of us and can come on at any time, we as a people just need to find healthy ways to cope and manage stress so that we can live a healthier more conscious life. Being mindful of things we can do to better manage daily stress is quite beneficial in controlling it and anxiety as well as getting things done while staying in calm place. Remember we all have options, so we need to do what is best for us to try living a stress-free life this Spring.

Consider these 7 tips to help you manage stress:

  1. Take a Daily Vitamin Supplement & Eat Healthy Foods

  2. Take a multi vitamin (for your age group) and eat the right healthy foods is imperative to living a stress-free lifestyle; for some foods are taxing to the body’s system. Notice how you feel after every meal and write it down. 9/10 times you will not feel sluggish after eating fruits and vegetables or wholesome meals with the proper fats, carbs and protein in it. Seek help if you need to know what to eat nutritionally for you

  3. Devote to a regular exercise routine

  4. Commit to a set day and time of the week when you will move your body, if the time needs to change at least work to keep the day in place so that you can have some order in your schedule.

  5. Consume water, when you exercise you lose water, you need to put some of that water back by staying hydrated.

  6. Write it down or put your commitment to move more in your calendar so that you can see it and do it.

  7. Develop a relaxation technique you are comfortable with

  8. Meditation is a wonderful thing, as is sitting near a tree or water and just being in the moment. There is something so relaxing about being in nature and it does not cost a thing to do.

  9. Develop some personal affirmations and repeat them every day in the morning and night for about a month.

  10. I AM grateful for this day, I AM having a beautiful day. I will be inspired to make some changes today, this week, this month, etc.

  11. Speak victory into your days on earth

  12. Take deep breaths throughout day or better yet practice Box/Square Breathing

  13. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and do this breathing 4x to 5x at a time.

  14. Establish a bedtime regime that you can stick with for at least a month.

  15. The body has an internal clock, it operates on a circadian rhythms, deviating too much from the norm adds stress to the body. Some get into a routine when it comes to going to bed and waking up.

  16. Journal.

  17. Can’t say it enough, but it is so important to write down your thoughts from the day and/or about your expectation for the next day, week and month and year. Be mindful of how you feel and let your pen or pencil do the talking via your fingers. If you need to type it out do that instead, it is always good to see your actions vs. keeping everything in your brain.

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