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Embrace Earth Day!

Since 1970, the world has been marking every April 22nd as Earth Day. This year, the Earth Day Network is focusing on the earth’s diminishing species.

More than 2,200 species are listed as endangered or threatened globally under the US Endangered

Species Act. Around 150 of these at-risk species live in the US ocean waters. Let's do something to stop this madness.

What You Can Do To Help, You May Wonder?

This Earth Day and beyond consider:

Ditching plastic

  • Instead of relying on a restaurant’s plastic or styrofoam containers for your takeout, bring your own reusable containers.

  • Drink your beverage at the cafe instead of getting a to-go cup—or bring your own reusable mug or bottle.

  • Say “no, thank you” to plastic bags and bring your own cloth bags for groceries and produce.

  • Instead of buying plastics new, see if you can pick up what you need secondhand or borrow it from a friend. You can even make your own bags out of T-Shirts by sowing them up and making straps out of the arms or adding pieces to enhance the appearance and cater to your style.

  • Say "no thanks" to plastic straws and opt for paper, silicone, metal, BPA free straws, stainless steel or bamboo straws.

  • Go for a walk and appreciate the species that are around you that you may have not noticed before.

  • Be a vegan for a day—and maybe longer! It is not very hard to do in this day and age. (Contact us here if you need help on how to start.)

  • Leave the car at home and find an Earth-friendly way to make that journey instead. If you live in a city that is rather easy to do, if not get creative.

  • Consider visiting your local organic farmers market, smile and say thank you! Always be in gratitude; but especially receiving from mother earth.

  • Clean your closet and donate your clothes to charity. Get rid of all things you are not using. Do you really need to be paying extra for that storage unit.

  • Screw in a light bulb—an LED or CFL to replace inefficient incandescent ones. And turn off the lights when you leave the room!

No matter what you do be sure to embrace Earth day by doing something different from what you normally did; it is all about being conscious of your input and impact on the earth you reside on.

Join the Earth Day Movement!


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