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Lose the Plastic Bags N.Y,, The Ban is Coming!

On Sunday, March 1st, 2020, New York will become the third State behind California and Hawaii to place a ban on single use plastic bags. The law will go in effect which would ban the use of sales for any plastic bags in the State of New York. Plastic bags are killing our sea creatures, wild life and nature as a whole; and if people eat food(s) from the ocean, my-my-my they may be in-taking the plastic via ingestion. As of now, what we do know is that the use of plastic does cause hormone fluctuations concerns, but it can more than likely cause other health concerns too. In addition, green house emissions and bags being blown around all throughout out the state does not make for a pretty view.

Andrew Cuomo stated “Plastic bags blight our land and clog our waterways. I’m proud to announce New York is banning single-use plastic bags.” There is even talk that charges for paper bags may be at 5 cents more to come on that.

Now before Cuomo, signed this single use plastic ban use into law, parts of NY State had already banned single use plastic bags and others have charged a fee of 5 to 10 cents to customers who needed or requested bags. Places on Long Island like Patchogue, Long Beach, South Hampton and in Westchester County in areas like Larchmont, Rye, Mamaroneck and Hasting on Hudson have abstained from single use plastic bags for years now.


Some folks are arguing that that a plastic bag ban won’t bring a burden to the environment, I have to wonder where they live at, because all over most of NY, but especially NYC I see plastic bags flying around in the air, under cars and hung on trees which is not appealing to say the least. Then there is those that have argued it will cause a burden on those with low income. If one has money to purchase fast food and unhealthy snacks that is not good for them, they have money to buy a reusable bag or spend money for the plastic or paper ones if they need them. We as a people need to be more conscious as a nation and stop making excuses for these plastics bags that are ending up in the ocean killing our sea creatures/wild life. Many whales and other sea animals are washing up with tons of plastic products in their system from jugs, water bottles and plastic bags. Many of them choke on these items because they do not understand that they are not food. It is up to us to make our environment sustainable for now and years/centuries to come.

Another POV

One other solution, could be to enforce the use of plastic bag reuse by charging a fee. After-all, there are some people who do recycle their plastic bags again and again and use them as garbage bags. To get rid of plastic bags for people to purchase heavier plastic bags is not necessarily going to solve the problem either.


Being that this is earth month and earth day is coming, this is the perfect time to visit our eco-friendly/green on the site and pick a bag that is made out of recycled plastic water bottles that caters to your style; these bags in no way mess with the eco-system. Please note different styles will be coming in all month, so if something is sold out it won’t be for long. This is just a hot month for most things that fall in the sustainable/green/eco-friendly category. Remember it is always better to get ahead of the wave, why don't you make a decision to do so before it becomes mandatory by law. By taking actions well in advance (now) you are setting yourself up to be better prepared for later. Nevertheless, you have been warned in a far enough time to be ready for what is to come.


Our Plastic Problem: Plastics in Marine Life and Beyond

Sage Advice for a Green Earth

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