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Move Your Body More This Spring!

Welcome to the official first day of Spring 2019. Have you given any thought to what you may want to do differently in your life this Spring than you have done the same time last year? Are you felling rejuvenated, revived, refreshed; ready to start anew or are you feeling lost with no clue of what to do with your life? Whatever you may be feeling, I ask you to take a deep breathe in and exhale it 3 times. O.K. so now we both know that you can do what ever it is that you put your mind to as long as you know where you want to go and don’t let fear, excuses and people hold you back from achieving what it is you seek. For the remainder of this month take your self of pause or stop and lets move it.

One of the things, I want to discuss with you about this Season is committing to not only Spring cleaning your home, office, car or material things via all that “Spring Cleaning Talk,” but to consider Spring cleaning or sprucing up your health in to a better place than it was in last year, or even last Season. New Seasons, as is new years are always brings\ with it a new beginning. This new opportunity allows one to start something new or change things up form what they used to do if something is not working. If you have not been feeling normal/regular self lately, think about things you can do to improve your situation. I talk to my Associates, Clients and Friends all the time on investing, not only in others dreams, desires and wants but their own. If you do not care enough to invest in you, why should someone else do so? This Spring make it a priority, with no excuses to invest in your health, hire a Personal Trainer, a Health Coach, Nutritionist, someone who will hold you accountable for you to keep what it is that you need to do to achieve your health goals at the forefront of your mind. There is something about wanting to achieve your goals when you have to show up to someone other than yourself; you more than likely do not want to disappoint them. Therefore, there is no better way than to hold your self accountable than hire someone to help you stay on track or guide you in the direction you need to go. You see it all of the time in sports, the coach leads their team or player(s) to victory, they do this via know how, knowledge/experience and their ability to encourage their people to keep going at times when they don't believe they have the the mental and/or physical strength to go any further.

I challenge you to Spring into action before the month of March is over and take to moving more than you did in the Winter. Welcome in Spring healing by being motivated to move more. Whether you decide to engage in ball room dancing, like they do on Dancing with the Stars, playing tag football, shooting some hoops, playing some golf or tennis, jumping on a trampoline make sure to participate in something you enjoy doing to get your body moving instead of doing nothing at all. Just note, that a body in motion is as important as having your heart beat, it is very helpful in keeping your blood flowing through your body. Also why you are moving make sure to stay hydrated for water helps with blood circulation as well as digestion.

If you need help on your health journey, please check with your Medical Doctor (MD) or Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and then if cleared hire a Certified Health Practitioner to help you achieve your goals. Do note, that sometimes to get to the end results one desires it will take a change in how one sees themselves and the way they currently handle and react to things. It is always important to work with Professionals who are trained in the psychology of behavior change management, because were are not just seeking to have our clients achieve their goals and go back to the way they were before they made a decision to change; we look to show lifestyle changes which are more permanent or long lasting. No one just woke up and became obese overnight, so no one should expect to undo what they did in 1 night; unless maybe you are 1 lb. in that new category from being overweight then maybe it was water weight and so you will be back to the overweight category the next day. No, but seriously disease does not come into any one’s life just like that, so do note it will take some time to reverse conditions; for there really is no magic pill. However, with the willingness to change and take action change can be seen faster; since giving up is never an option to achieving success.

You can contact my team or I here if you would like to set up a 15 minute complimentary session. Coach K Contact me

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