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8 Affordable Ways to Say I LOVE YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are single or with someone, you can celebrate this day by showering yourself and your significant other, family member(s) or even your pet(s) with some true love. However, you do not need to wait until Valentine’s day to demonstrate this love, this could be something that is displayed every day, if not most days of the year to make oneself feel good and others too.

This Valentine’s day show love and say I love you with:

  1. A box of chocolate. whether you or they are Vegan or lactose intolerant there is a box of chocolate out there to cater to the needs of your target audience. Check out No Whey Chocolates for its allergy free chocolates. Now if you are not Vegan and do not have any allergies then there is is no shortage of places and products on the market to go to snatch up an affordable box of chocolates to satisfy the day for you and those you care about or love.

  2. A Movie. Whether you decide to stay at home and cuddle watching a movie or head out to the movies to see a flick. Today lends for a perfect day to spend some quality time with yourself or someone you love having a good laugh, cry or thrill from whatever movie type you enjoy watching. The time spent together enjoying a movie is priceless.

  3. Monogrammed Products. Who does not like to see their name on something like a mug, a picture frame, a vase filled with flowers, a pair of socks, belt or whatever it is the person may like? Put an initial or spell their name out, but make it look classy, it will surely make the day of the person you decide to give this gift too and it won't break the bank either.

  4. Words: Use your voice to say those simple three magical words “I Love You” or "I Do Care" It will cost you nothing but your time and a little effort or energy; however, those words will be so appreciated like if they were worth more than a million dollars you will be happy you said them. Now, Fellas don’t say anything if you do not really mean it, for it can get you in a whole lot of trouble, but if you really do mean what you say, you can grab yourself a whole lot of goodness for this special action.

  5. Jewelry. Though diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, you can go to a handmade shop and pick up a well thought out piece and serve it up as a genuine present that will score you pointers. You can also visit a traditional store and pick out a vintage or platinum or sterling silver piece too. It is better to go in a store so that you can experience what you purchase. There is something special about trying on and touching jewelry prior to paying for it.

  6. Dinner. Whether you decide to eat in or eat out, it quite affordable to find something to eat and have dessert too. Be mindful and creative and you will surprise yourself on how well this gift can work out better than you expected and can cost you very little. Cooking for a love one demonstrates love in itself, it will even make the food taste better when done with a joyous heart. If you are not in the mood to cook, you can always order from your favorite restaurant.

  7. Write. Write it out! Write a love letter, a song or a poem to describe how grateful you are to have that someone in your life and how much you value them. Write a letter to yourself on how you will treat you better and apologize for neglecting your own needs and desires. Write a poem telling how many ways you love thee. Be creative in how you express your love and care for another with written word; especially if you have a hard time expressing spoken word. This is a very powerful option that holds a lot of weight with the heart, especially if you are dealing with an emotional or sentimental individual.

  8. Massage and/or Facial: There is nothing like saying and hearing the words I Love You, but add an at home facial and massage to the mix and oooh la la, somebody is going to have a very good night. Now if you are single go have a massage and do your facial at home or skip the massage all together and do an at home facial to save money and relax. Order an Earth Kiss Mask from our site for just $3.00 it will rejuvenate not only skin but your wallet too.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to feel and look like a million dollars and you surely do not need to do that for someone you want to show love too. Use one or more of these simple tips to make the best of this Valentine’s Day! While you are at it think of ways to not just show love to yourself and those you love on this day, but do so every day of your life; for life is really too short to not show love to those you love and care about; inclusive of oneself.

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