Holistic Ways to Relieve Stress

Some will say stress is an inevitable part of daily living, so just accept it for what it is, while others would say that stress is all in the minds of the beholder; for it is not a physical thing and holds no power over us unless we allow it too. What ever you believe stress to be, there are some things you can do to keep it at bay or have it banished from your life.

What is Stress?

Stress is a conscious or unconscious psychological feeling or physical situation which comes on as a result of physical or/and mental ‘positive or negative pressures’ that is deemed overwhelming to the being.

Acute Stress. is stress that may not be bad and can happen at any moment and then disappear as soon as or shortly after it has come on. An example would be a fall from running or tripping over something.

Chronic Stress. is the response to the emotional pressures of life that has been suffered for a prolonged period in which an individual perceives that they have little to no control over their situation’s. If this kind of stress is not dealt with because it has been going on for some time it can manifest into some type of dis-harmony in one’s body which is better known as a disease. An example would be worrying about your health because you have diabetes or the fact that your blood pressure is constantly out of check.

The Results of Stress

1 and 6 Americans are on some sort of drug(s) due to stress and that number continues to increase vs. decrease from year to year. The odd thing is baby boomers who are people born in the mid 40’s to mid-60’s started taking drugs in their hay day for recreation and are now back at it again; this time to subside the pain they have from chronic pain and stress, whereas before it was a part of having a good ole time. Though time has changed it is ironic the remedy for self medicating is almost the same. Regardless, too much of any drug can be taxing on the liver, so much so that it may be a detriment to the overall well-being of the body. Instead of being loaded up on medications like the millions of Americans who are on them due to stress, how about trying some alternative methods to help calm your situations and relax your mind. There is nothing stress free about living a life that has to rely on drugs as one has to rely on water. Commit to 1 to 2 months of attempting to do somethings differently to relive stress so that you can see how it may impact your life's situation for the better; your lively hood may depend on it.

Holistic Stress Relief Remedies

  1. Meditation/Prayer

  2. ​Practice Letting Go

  3. Aromatherapy

  4. Laugh like a child (More than just 5x a day, oh and Smile More)

  5. Get Good Sleep (7 to 9 hours)

  6. Self Care (Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Dry Brush, Sauna)

  7. Reiki

  8. Exercise (Boxing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, HITT)

  9. Stretch

  10. Sing Out Loud

  11. Scream (Use a pillow or play loud music so no one will think you are losing your mind 😊)

  12. Dance-Dance-Dance!

  13. Journal

  14. Healthy Eating

  15. Escape to Nature (The great outdoors offers up a lot of healing)

  16. Acupressure/Acupuncture/Reflexology

  17. Participate in a Coaching Program (Talk it Out, Seek New Perspectives)

Join one of our upcoming workshops on Holistic Solutions for Relieving Stress or stop by our online store to pick up some “Organic Stress Relief Roll Ons” which are on sale while supplies last. In addition, visit our Essential oils partner, incense and candles to help wipe some of the negative energy that is surrounding you away. Do decide healthy mindful living, over stressful living every day of your life!





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