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Think SMART, Be Strategic, Achieve Your Goals!

Happy February! One month of 2019 is down, there is now 11 more to go. Now the rest of the year will start to move so much faster. Have you taken any actions to make your goals come to life yet or have you just given up? By now, 90% of the people that had New Year’s resolutions have bailed on them; for the remaining 10% we hope you keep on keeping on in the direction of your dreams because if you desire them, you can surely obtain them. Just think SMART and be very strategic in your goal setting and actions.


It may be the second month of the year, but it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon to achieve the goals you have set out to obtain for yourself this year. If you lost focus for a minute, it is O.K, I am here to extend a friendly reminder we are all human and things happen, but we can keep, keeping on in stead of wallowing in self-pity or procrastination. If at first you don’t succeed brush yourself off and try again. Smart goals are one of the tools that is used in many industries to keep one focus. It is like a roadmap to help keep one on course to obtain their set goals. It is a very strategic mapping system when done correctly to help goals appear more viable. Won’t you implement them to get back on track or to simply start this month anew in every area of your life.

Breaking Down Smart Goals Acronym

S. The S in smart stands for being specific. When you develop your goals be as specific as possible on what it is you really, really want. You do this by answering the Who, What, When, Where and Why? By answering these “W” questions you are able to get as clear as possible so that the universe has no doubt what it has to do to help you achieve your goals. When you get really clear, you can watch supernatural miracles come out to help you do things you physically and mentally feel that you were not capable of doing on your own.

M. The M in smart stands for measurable. What ever it is that you are seeking to get or do make sure you have incorporated something to measure your results. Use some type of evaluation so that you can obtain data/metrics on what you seek to achieve. This is done so that you can know where you stand in the process. This is where you will see concrete evidence that you are on the right or wrong track. You will get the information here to know which direction to go in to obtain your set out goal.

A. The A in smart stand for attainable or achievable. Is the goal you are seeking doable and if it so how will you go about achieving it? This is where resources such as your experience and those you know come in to play. This will let you know if the something you seek is within arms reach and easy to get, hard or somewhere in between.

R. The R in smart stands for being relevant/realistic. How will you realistically use what you have and who you know or all the tools in your tool chest to move your goals forward? Is what you seeking to do plausible? Relevancy is having everything come together to work together for the main goal.

T. The T in smart stand for time bound. This is having a specific date and or time when your specific goal needs to be achieved. By making goals with an end time on it helps one stay focus on attempting to reach the goals. An example would be wanting to lose 50 lbs. in a 6 months time period.

Smart Goal's Example

An example of a SMART goal is: I will begin a weight loss program this month so that I can lose 30lbs. by May 15 so I can attend my best friend’s wedding. I will do this by hiring a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach to educate me on how to achieve these goals the proper way for time is of an essence.

In Conclusion, when you need to obtain something substantial in life, consider utilizing smart goals to help you achieve them. SMART goals work in most areas of life inclusive of school, work and everyday living situations. This month consider ways that you can use the acronym to improve your life moving forward. Give it a try in at least 2 areas of your life. Be accountable for your success.

Hire A Coach if you need help to get started or need to help with staying motivate to obtain your desired goals.

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