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Digital/Technological Detox


When was the last time you took a digital or technological detox? No really, when was it? Has it been that long?

Technology is an excellent thing, but it is becoming detrimental to one's health, because people do not know how to turn their devices off and just live in the moment.

Lately, the statistics are out on the amount of people who are having more anxiety attacks, nervous energy and stress due to constant use of digital devices. People have become so inundated with their technological devices they are acting more robotic than human. The world is making it seem as though we need to be glued to our device all day long to be functioning properly; the sad part is so many kids lack the communications skills needed to thrive in the real world because they only know how to communicate with their fingers and not their mouth. Kids seem to be entering the world straight out of the womb programmed to be attached to a device. How depressing is that for them and their future? Seeking to make a change check out the Screentime app here which was developed so that you can monitor your kids and/or total family time online. This will allow you make the necessary adjustments after you witness things consciously in real time.

This month consider taking a technological break from all screens, inclusive of the television for just one day; if you can do it for more days that would be great, but the goal is to start somewhere. Now, don't just do it because it is recommended or suggested, do it because it will improve your overall health and relationships too. Oh and while you are at it make sure to mark your calendar's so that you remember “Screen Free Week” which will occur this year from April 29th to May 5th. The weeks sole purpose is to detach from your screens and live your life doing something that will keep you unattached to your devices. If you able to start detoxing this month, by the time that week comes around later this year, you will be a pro and this will become a habit. You will notice that you will feel more relaxed, actively engaged with people and attuned with what is happening in your surroundings more so than when you were glued to a digital device. If you must know a digital detox has been known to lower high blood pressure too.

  1. 11 Things you can do on your digital detox

  2. Relax/Meditate/ Do Nothing

  3. Sleep

  4. Dance

  5. Sing

  6. Have/Host A Party

  7. Read/Write A Book, A Play, A Script/Manuscript

  8. Communicate with People

  9. Laugh/Attend a Comedy Show

  10. Paint & Sip

  11. Exercise/ Play Sport(s) (Go to the gym, go hiking, mountain climbing, ice skating, skating, play tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, billiards, swimming)

  12. Play Games (Remember Monopoly, UNO, Trouble, Pictionary, Chess, Checkers and the likes)

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