10 Ways to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!.. WE MADE IT!..AMEN! Do you feel the optimistic vibration of this new year’s energy surrounding you yet? What do you feel you need to do differently this year to live the life you so desire? In what ways will you amaze and reward yourself to live better this year than in previous years?

No matter where you come from or where you are in life, you owe it to yourself to develop some strategic goals and attempt to stick with them for the entire year, however, if a year is too long, try going at it for at least one quarter, which is 3 months to achieve your goals. Now, lets get into ways you can stick to your resolutions in 2019 and conquer them with ease. You Ready?

1. Purchase or Pull out a Journal

We are going to go old school with this one but if you so feel the need to use an app use one. Write/type out what is it that you truly want to achieve and have come into your life this year. There is something powerful about writing things down, because you are putting your thoughts to paper via a writing apparatus that has come into interaction with the emotions in your body of which you seem to feel things more, vs. using key strokes on a technological device or speaking into one.

2. Set Meaningful Smart Goals & Understand Your Why

Setting meaningful smart goals is about creating plans and targets you look forward to meeting, goals that bring you joy and get you out of bed in the morning. Set goals that motivate you, that reflect the ideal life you want to have so that you can be and stay inspired. Smart goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. An Ex. I Am going to lose 10 lbs. in 3 months by hitting the gym 3x times a week starting tomorrow morning.

It is one thing to set a goal to lose weight or improve your fitness/wellness goals and another thing to do so with great intention or purpose. For Ex. rather than just wanting to lose 10 lbs., you may want to reach this goal, so that you can feel more confident, look better, have more energy, get healthier so you can have more energy and become more active, change careers, travel the world, keep up with the kids and grand-kids, whatever it is you want to do. Write out the whys so that you can get down to the core of your goals, this will help you to fully understand how important your goals are and set you on a path to achieve them. * Remember to be laser focus

3. Break Your Goals Down to Smaller Goals

Your main goals might seem overwhelming when you look at what it takes to reach them, but if you break it down into a series of smaller ones, they become more achievable. An example would be to put on some work out close the night before or have a bag ready at your door to remind you to hit it the gym. If you desire to start a new business, write a business plan, think of a name, register the main and buy a domain name. You see once you start somewhere you can then move on to other steps.

4. Develop a Vision Board

There is something very special when you are able to visualize and see your desired goals every day. You are reminded of what you want, and it keeps your eyes and mind steadfast on the goals. You can make vision board with images from various magazines or books, or you can design one from images you see online. Check out mind movies, after all, the vision board is simply images of things (movies you have seen in your mind. When you complete the development of your vision board, make sure to have it visible for you to see as often as you need to.

5. Find Yourself an Encouragement Anthem

Rocky Balboa (look him up if you do not know who this is) had an anthem as well as a host of others, you need to get one too. Find that song that will be your powerhouse encouragement for you when things are not looking like they are going in the direction you like or even to use when you do not feel like doing anything. This song should motivate you to move in the direction of your goals even when everything else around you is telling you not to. Seek hard you will find one or five that can be used to encourage you right when you need it most.

6. Celebrate Your Success

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every time you obtain a goal off your lists or even if you are a few steps closer to reaching your goals. You should not always need others to motivate you, you can do that for yourself. Celebrate and encourage yourself every step of the way..

7. Make Time for You

When you are running around being so busy with any and everything, you often forget to take time for you. You become overwhelmed, stressed out, sleep deprived and a host of all types of other things because you forgot to do you. In of living like that any longer, this New Year, make a date night with you at least once a month. For optimum health you should at least try to do something that makes you feel good every week, but every other week is not bad either. Please make it your duty to start somewhere and if once a month is what you have in the beginning than that is just fine.

8. Learn Something New

Always put yourself in an environment where you are constantly learning something new. Whether it is going out and engaging with new people or reading up on current events or new technological features. If you can read a new book a week, or month or do something of mindful intelligence on-line that will keep you abreast of what it is you desire to achieve at this point in your life do it. Attending virtual or live workshops is always helpful too; as well as catching a podcast on a topic that will assist you to achieve your smart goals.

9. Look for a Mentor

In order to be your best in a particular industry, it is always a wise idea to find a Professional to guide you in that field who has already been where you want to be. You can learn so much and cut out many steps by obtaining help from an expert who can hopefully become your mentor. Life is too short to keep creating and re-creating the wheel; find a mentor who has the ability to lead you based on their experience to propel you via their knowledge to a higher level quicker and faster than you could on your own. Ask lot's of questions of them, but always remember to respect their time.

10. Check-In Weekly

In order to ensure that you carry out your resolutions this year, there is nothing easier than to have a weekly check-in. Pick a day every week to ask yourself, “am I moving in the direction I need to be to obtain x, y, z goals, if not, what can I do to get there?” There is no point lying to yourself, this step is easy and will keep you honest. You are either doing what you need to do or not; hopefully more times than not you are working toward your set-out goals. Having weekly check-ins will help you make better decisions that serve the life you desire to have.

In conclusion, stop procrastinating, be strategic in developing resolutions, that you can stick with and see through to fruition. If you need help in keeping your New Year’s Resolutions, ask for help, reach out to someone near and dear to you, hire a Professional, or Contact Us Here to Inquire about Coaching. There is nothing like having a Professional Coach who will work with you to develop your goals, while motivating you to stay on track to go after the life you have always desired to live or at least the one you want to live in 2019.

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