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7 Signs You Did O.K in 2018, Even During Life's Storms

As each year passes, we notice a wave of constant ups and downs in our lives that appear to be inevitable. This roller coaster living does makes living here on earth both exciting and a bit stressful at times. However, life without a few arduous challenges would be boring and dull and would not let way to the massive growth that usually propels us further than our wildest dreams can imagine. So, no matter how bad this year may seem to have been for you, there are still reasons to see why the year was not at all as bad as you believe it to have been. Take a moment and consider the following reasons to be thankful for what you have and accomplished in 2018; looking back should make see things differently.:

1. You’re still ALIVE

The fact that you are still here, is nothing short of a miracle and should be one of the most important things that matters to you. Pinch yourself, you feel that, you are alive, not everyone is so lucky to still be here. You are alive and hopefully well enough to read this important reminder that you may have taken for granted. Every day that you wake up you are able to breathe in the fresh air from the earth, which allows you to experience the wonders of the natural world around you. You’re alive and hopefully of a sound mind and that’s all that matters and should be enough to celebrate about even when things do not look or feel as though you think they should.

2. You have shelter

Wherever you are in a small room, on coach, in a luxurious apartment on the west side or a mansion somewhere, you have a place to call home even if it is just temporary. No matter how bad the day or year may have seemed, there’s always a special place you had to return to, relax and attempt to rejuvenate yourself so that you can start tomorrow a new.

3. You have others who care and love you

Whether, it’s friends, family, a love interest, boss or co-workers, someone on this earth cares about you and what goes on in your life. You have touched someone’s heart at some point and we ask that you continue to reach out to others to build your caring/loving support team. Note there is someone on this earth that has your back regardless, just reach out to them and seek their assistance. Sometimes, you may have to be the person who offers up support via loving and caring acts to others, don’t hesitate, be obedient and just do what you would want others to do for you.

4. You have food and water

You don’t have to worry about how or when you’ll be able to afford your next meal, bathe or have a sip of water. You don’t have to steal or scourge for leftovers to satiate your hunger. You have access to food and clean water and that’s a privilege so many people in the world do not have. Count this as an amazing blessing bestowed on to you.

5. You made an attempt to improve yourself

You know the world is not perfect and nor are you, but hey you tried your best to build yourself up, you took webinars, workshops classes and even made resolutions to be and do better and though they may not have all worked out as you would have liked. Today is a new day to start something new to try to make things come to fruition. Starting today, write some new resolutions and make every effort to try to find a way to achieve your set-goals with a passion like never before. Take a step each day to try to get closer to them with persistence.

6. You failed sometimes, but never gave up

Yes, you’ve had a few set-backs and “No’s” but each failure is a stepping stone to success and the fact that you’re still standing and trying proves that you haven’t let past defeats take you down and we do not believe that you should go down with-out a fight. So, give it your all to the end, even if it takes you into the New Year or a few years. You will be O.K, you got this. Just keep pushing forward with your eyes on the prize. The destination is in reach, keep taking action.

7. You dared to dream big

You had a dream to do big things and you started toward the goals and though you are not where you want to be, you are not where you used to be, because you started some-where, you made an effort and did not give up. So, no matter what came your way this year, congrats on not giving up on your dream. As long as you’re still here on this earth, you are Alive, Don’t give up and take every opportunity as your chance to thrive, sometimes your dreams may take you in a different direction that may not look like anything you dreamed of, that does not mean you have fallen off the road, you can be going a different path to get to the same place. It could be long, or shorter, but have faith in life’s process. Believe that everything you desire will come to pass in its due season.

Congratulations! You’ve really have lived a great year if you take a look back and do some serious reflection. Was it a perfect year? Maybe not, but was it that bad? No, not really. You see you are teachable, for you have learned and tried new things, you have opened your mind to new perspectives too, you have realized you do have a lot to offer this world. Keep focusing on the bright side of things and remember to shine your light brightly in the coming year. The world needs your gifts, so please use them to make this an even better place to live for all you encounter. Reach out more, learn more, teach more, and more importantly Be You!

Consider writing down at least 10 additional things you did well in 2018. The list should make you smile.

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