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6 Traits of A Bitter Person

After posting 15 things to do before 2018 ends, we’ve received some write ins acknowledging how we hit a cord of truth with that article causing us to dive a little deeper with one of the points that was made here. The truth is, sometimes when we are trying to get ahead, naysayers/foes whatever you call them, they are listening to our every word, trying to mimic us and/or hate on us, and even discourage us; they won’t in no way support our desires, dreams and goals to grow up higher and become someone better, but they will try to tear them down. These bitter people will advocate for a stranger who has never done a thing for them before they support their own or someone they know because they do not want the person they know to have more than them or achieve their dreams. Reason being is they are jealous of them; well actually they are bitter too. The sad thing is this is an insecurity within them that is keeping them stuck in a life of anger, lack, loneliness, misery and constant pain that they can’t seem to realize that they have brought on themselves which has caused them to become bitter. As we have said before and will say again, leave them alone and let them be in their own world of disdain. If they are not for what you are trying to do, keep it moving and do not let their bitterness and fears impact your world for their intentions are not of any good.

Use discernment to filter out where and from whom you obtain your messages and only seek advice from those who are walking the walk and have no agenda on compromising your love walk. Bitter people are like snakes in the dark, always squirming around ready to let out their venomous poisonous behavior. They will share their point of views to anyone who will listen.

Spotting Bitterness In A Moment’s Notice

  1. Negative.

  2. You find plausible positive solutions to dilemmas and the bitter person always find the negative ones or what is wrong with everything and everyone. This is not because they are a Realist, it is that they are a Debbie downer who always wants to find problems in every situation via poisonous behavior vs. positive one's. These people can find darkness in everything and dwell on it over and over again like a broken record which is obviously eating them up inside.

  3. Pessimistic.

  4. You know that a situation is bad and can be worst, but you are optimistic it could get better and see the glass half full vs. empty. The bitter person will always find every way why things will continue to get bad for a situation. They will not even try to offer any gratitude or thankfulness for what has happened good. They focus on the bad and always make excuses on why they believe or act a certain way, instead of taking responsibility that they are a pessimistic individual.

  5. Envious or Jealous Outburst

  6. You receive a new job, promotion, man/woman, car or whatever and instead of being happy for you; they want to know why not them and would make snarling comments on I am older, smarter, been here longer or say things like that should have been me not you. They start to compare instead of offer-up sincere happiness to you for your new whatever it is that you obtained in your life. They will even smile in your face the whole time while backstabbing you and bad mouthing you to others to make them feel good temporarily.

  7. Pity Party/ Sympathy Seekers

  8. You are even keel and they want to act like they are asking your opinion, but they don’t really want it. They are just asking you something so that you can agree with their negative way of thinking which would make them feel better temporarily and if you disagree with them you become a problem for them. What they are trying to do is feed their ego by telling their version of the story to you so that they can obtain sympathy that will make them feel better about their misery. Hence people who have continuous pity parties and seek sympathy all of the time are people with serious emotional instability that are in a lot of pain and need to seek help so that they can stop acting like an adolescent.

  9. Drama Starters

  10. You know you are with a bitter person when they always are finding fault in someone else. They find reasons to not like someone for the littlest thing, like if they are perfect and we all no that no one on this earth is. They make statements like, “did you see her shoes, car, home, man, dress, ring?” They want to pick or start something with someone or talk about them in an attempt to feel better about themselves. More times than not they are jealous and seeking to start some type of drama for no reason or because the person has not acknowledged them for some reason or another. In reality, it is really the bitter person’s own insecurity that is causing them to instigate drama to feel good temporarily about themselves through all of their own pain.

  11. Grudge Holders

  12. Everyone makes mistake, but if someone does something to this bitter person it is like the end of the world. The escalate an error into an entire series of “Days of our Lives”. If the person who made a mistake apologizes it is never good enough. They want you to bend over backwards and kiss their behind. No, No, No. You need to keep your head up high and know that your apology is enough if you were wrong and keep it moving if they do not accept it or can’t get over things. No one should be subjected to a bitter person’s behavior because these people are ruthless, scorned people who want you to suffer because deep down inside they are hurt and in so much pain.

In conclusion, life is too short to be dealing with bitterness. If you are that bitter person acknowledge it, feel the emotions and really try hard to let go of this toxic behavior because people are not going to want to be around you unless they are just like you. If behaving bitter has been something that has been lingering around in your life for years, seek out some Professional assistance, for there is some serious problems within that needs to be healed. If the person/or people around, you are displaying any of these bitter behaviors it is time to love them from a distance if they are family or like family; and run like Forest Gump if they are not. No one should have to subject themselves to anyone else continuous poisonous behavior, for it is draining to the soul, not to mention quite toxic. This is even more so the case if you are trying to move forward and they keep dragging you two steps backwards with their negativity. No matter how much they say they are going to change, we all know actions speak louder than words. Not to mention, are they really being sincere? Are they truly for you when all along they are doing are things against you or behind your back? Bitter people and their negative energies have the power to destroy dreams, lives, relationships faster than anything. Don’t take any bitter people or their mess in to 2019 if you can help it; leave them where they be in 2018 unless they truly seek help to resolve their issues and do note that a change won’t happen overnight.

How many people around you display the traits of bitterness??? Shocking hmm?

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