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5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season!

This Holiday Season we all should realize that we have so much to be grateful for; we woke up this morning with a roof over our heads, food to eat, water to drink and the ability to read to stay abreast of whatever it is we want to stay on top of. We are a powerful people therefore, it is imperative to celebrate and acknowledge those we cherish and love and even those who need a little additional acknowledgement or encouragement via our volunteerism. While honoring the significance of family, friends, strangers or whomever we share our days with; it is crucial to be mindful and monitor our own health too. Just because the holidays are here, does not mean we need to over indulge in food that has our waist line expands 3+ inches and/or we gain 10+ pounds in one weekend or week. We must take heed of how we look and feel and what our weight goals are; enjoy ourselves but make conscious decisions to not overindulge to the point that we make ourselves sick and gain some serious unwanted weight in the process.

Below are 5 tips that should help just about anyone get through this Holiday Season with minimum to no weight gain. Give them a try to maintain your optimal weight and maybe lose a few pounds in the process.

  1. Be Aware/Conscious of Your Objectives

  2. Before putting something in your mouth, think about how it will make you look and feel. If the vision is not pretty don’t eat it, nor drink it. You are not obligated to eat anything you do not want to eat, Make the choice to be more conscious of what you out in your temple. If you do not want to feel sluggish don’t intake sluggish foods you will be O.K.

  3. Drink lots of water

  4. You are made up of water so drinking it will allow you to flush more of it and the things you do eat out of your body faster. In addition, water will make you feel full faster, so you won’t be able to intake as much as you want when it can’t fit. Thumbs up to water for being the perfect remedy!

  5. Eat more vegetables than meet

  6. Other than Romaine Lettuce which has been said to be contaminated with E Coli by the CDC, eat lots of veggies which are low in calories and full of nutrients and will not allow you to gain weight. The fiber from vegetables will actually have you release more of what you eat much quicker out of your body.

  7. Utilize Small Plates or Bowls and Pace Yourself

  8. Instead of taking big plate and having seconds and thirds, have a small plate and eat maybe 3 little ones which will equate to 1.5 regular size ones and you should be fully content; especially with your water intake prior to eating. Small plates and bowls are ideal for working with the right or a much smaller portion size than usual. You got this, keep your portions sizes small and your waist size and weight will stay in tact.

  9. If you intend on having desert, have it, but forgo eating lots of food prior to it and keep the dessert on a small tea-cup plate. If you are full don’t force it, taste one fork full and save the rest for later or wrap it up and take it home.

  10. Exercise, Walk, Dance, Jog, Jump Run Move… Do Something!

  11. No matter what you eat or don’t eat, in order to avoid weight-gain this holiday season you must work your body out in some way shape or form. Sitting around is not the solution to watching your waist line nor weight. So go outside and play some flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, dance some salsa, meringue, start a soul train line, jump around. Go for a mile or more jog, run or walk after eating instead of sitting around talking. Walk around, play around or dance around while talking. No matter what you decide to do just makes sure to dedicate some time to moving your body to keep the weight off. If your goal is to lose weight, move even more. No matter what do not become sedentary this holiday season.

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