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Living in the Overflow of Gratitude!

When was the last time you said “Thank You” or “I Appreciate You” or "I AM Grateful for you" to someone for dealing with your mess, listening to you in your time(s) of need or just being there for you when it felt like the world was holding on tight and giving you a terrible beat down? Are you able to see how you don’t use these words or words of encouragement enough to show people that you care or are concerned about them? Instead of apologizing when you are late or have done something wrong or are complaining, whining or having a pity party; consider acknowledging the person who is helping you through or listening to you and offer them a simple “Thank You” for being a good friend, listener or whatever have you.

Perspective Matters

As humans walking on this earth, not knowing what is coming to or at us from one day to the next, we know all days are not peaches and cream with whip cream and cherries on top, however, our words and actions, especially those of compassion can demonstrate so much to others, during their times of peril to show them that we are grateful for them. Heck, our words and actions towards ourselves, can even uplift our own energy in most situation. Actions and or alongside words of appreciation or simple gratitude can change an arduous day into one filled with pleasantries. It can turn a frown upside down, into a luminous smile. When you think about it, it is all about perspective, and a perspective of gratitude will go much further than one without it. It will have you feel so good on the inside.

Do you know that saying “Thank You” after someone provides you constructive criticism shows how big (mature) you are as a human being; instead of getting defensive and want to attack when someone maybe telling you something for your own good, just be friendly and polite and say “Thank You” and take some time to figure out if there is some truth to what they are telling you.

Words of gratitude like “Thank You” keeps situations in a positive space vs. taking a turn to a negative defensive one. The next time when someone reaches out to see how you are doing, thank them for checking up on you, for life offers so many trials and tribulations that a simple thought of acknowledgement can go a long way in building and keeping relationships that last a lifetime. Life is too short to not be happy with what and who you have in your life. Though you may wish you have more, there is always another day full of new opportunities to attempt to obtain that more; but for right now in this present moment be thankful for what you have.. Thank of all the things and people you have to be grateful for in your life right now. How about you pick up the phone more often this month and let them know it (No texting here). You may make someone cry tears of joy, by you simply taking the time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge them and say I am thinking of you, you were on my mind, how are you. It maybe the one thing that will brighten their day, month or even year and it will cost you nothing by an ounce of time. So many people are going through things and they do not have the ambition or strength to contact you, but if you think of them you make the contact.

Thank Everyone

This Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, when you are celebrating with whomever, thank the cook, the server, the waitress, any and everyone who has touched your spirit in some way; it does not hurt any situation to show ample gratitude to those who have been helpful or kind to you; to the contrary, it will only enhance situations for the better. Offer up thanks to everyone more often than not, I guarantee you will feel and see a difference in you.

Overflow with Gratitude Challenge

For the remainder of this year, I challenge you to bask in gratitude overflow. Say "Thank You” or offer up words and actions of kindness and gratitude more often; not only will you feel good on the inside, you will have other's be grateful for you for helping them to feel good too. I guarantee you if you demonstrate to people, even to those who may have meant ill will towards you some gratitude, they will change their tune when dealing with you if not immediately, eventually. For it is quite hard to be nasty and angry to someone who is always offering up kindness without a hidden agenda. “Kill them with gratitude and kindness.”

It is Written

In 1st Thessalonians 5:18 it states that “In Everything Give Thanks”. Being that it was written in the bible, how about you take note and start offering up thanks before you get out of bed every morning, after every sip of water or whatever it is you are drinking, before every meal you intake into your temple that helps carry you through the day, before that encounter with whatever family, friend co-worker you are about to have, prior to heading to work. Give Thanks for just about any and every situation you encounter for it will only make you a more genuine person in your gratitude/love walk. Read our blog post on “Counting Every Blessing” you will surely get encouraged to make some changes to your behaviors.

Thank You" for reading our Blog Post! We appreciate you for being with us on this growth journey!

Have A Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

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