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Boost Your Energy with Pineapples

So, you think that you do not have time to eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning? Try preparing a smoothie meal ahead of time at night by prepping and placing the dry ingredients in the fridge so that it can remain cold overnight. In the morning add the wet ingredients to the blender, hit blend, pour in a cup, sip and head out the door with your smoothie in your hand. This action will take 5 minutes or less in the morning including clean up time, so please no more excuses, why you can't have breakfast in the morning.

If you have the luxury of making your smoothie in the morning, know what you need ahead of time so that you can prepare properly. Depending on the type of blender you have, cut up what you need to and drop it in the blender when you first wake up in the morning, so that when you finish getting ready (shower, clothes, etc.), you could add an ice cube or two, along with some water to the blender and hit blend, pour in a cup, taste/sip and head out door. A morning smoothie is not meant to be an arduous task, especially when you are trying to head out the door on a positive, uplifting note. Either way you decide to make your smoothie meal, this is a great way to get the nutrients you need via breakfast so that you can live vibrantly happy and healthy. Make the Pineapple-Berry Surprise Smoothie using the recipe provided below and you will surely notice an ample boost of energy from these live ingredients as you begin the day. There is nothing heavy about this smoothie meal to have your body feel bogged down or sluggish as would some cooked meals.

Pineapples Benefits

Pineapples are one of the finest, healthiest super fruits in the world; it is an antioxidant that houses Vitamin A & C, beta-carotene, bromelain, flavonoids, manganese and more. Pineapples are one of my favorite fruits because of its beautiful color, yellow is so vibrant and full of life and reminds me of sunshine. Pineapples are full of Vitamin C, they are sweet, and they are perfect fruit to fight inflammation within the body. Together with the added powerhouses of blueberries and strawberries, we have a triple dose of something tastefully good and truly healthy for the entire body and some spinach and hemp, shall we say Popeye Power Pact drink….Oh yeah. Just to let you know all the hype about Vitamin C comes from the fact that it offers a boost of energy to the immune system to ward off many diseases with antioxidant properties. Every ingredient in this drink screams disease prevention or halt for it is quite nutritious for your overall health as long as you’re not sensitive to the ingredients in this smoothie meal.

Facts about Pineapples:

  • Pineapples help with digestion issues, it aides the body in breaking down foods and extrapolating the nutrients to where it needs to go within the body.

  • Pineapples aide in breaking down fat so that you can lose weight.

  • Pineapples help you look younger and feel it too.

  • Pineapples are full of fiber, hence no constipation people. It also is good at helping with the circulatory system. People with atherosclerosis or IBS would do well to add pineapples to their diets for unclogging purposes.

  • Bromelain, the active ingredient in pineapples helps with inflammation, muscle soreness, osteoarthritis and bloating. Watch out heart disease, cancers, arthritis for pineapples helps to prevent and surely does help to fight these diseases through the enzyme bromelain.

  • Ladies & Gents pineapples has folate, copper and zinc, helpful in the fertilizing process.

  • Pineapples is an Alzheimer’s and Dementia fighter.

  • Pineapples help to regulate and maintain blood sugar levels.

  • Pineapples Vitamin A helps with improving the eyesight.

Pineapple-Blueberry/Strawberry Surprise (Boost your energy)

Serving Size 2 to 4

What you need for this recipe:

(1) 4oz Cup of Fresh or Frozen Organic Strawberries

(1) 4oz Cup of Fresh or Frozen Blueberries

(2) Cups of Water

(1) Cup of diced pineapples

(1) Thumb-nail size of ginger

(¼) Bunch of Greens (Spinach/Kales)

(½) Tablespoon of HEMP YEAH! Plant Protein Blend -Vanilla (Optional)

(¼) Teaspoon of Hemp Seeds

(¼) Tablespoon of Agave or Maple Syrup (Optional Sweetener’s)


Cut up the pineapples and greens into a bowl. Drop the blueberries, ginger and strawberries into the blender along with the pineapples and greens. Add ½ tablespoon of HEMP YEAH! and (1/4) teaspoon of hemp seeds. If you desire a little extra sweetness, use one of the sweeteners listed or omit it if you are good with the way things are. Lastly, mix everything together. Sprinkle some Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds if you like to the top to make it look pretty and to get that crunch factor.

Health Note

Pineapples 2x to 4x a week is more than enough to get the nutrients you need to stay healthy and/or improve your health. (Drink on an empty stomach for better digestion) Keep this routine up for about a month and you will surely see a difference with your body. The fiber should work with your body in less than one day, but for sure within 3 days. Simply put add the strawberries and blueberries to the pineapples smoothies/meals and you will notice that your skin and hair will start to look fuller/plump and shiner in less than three weeks. Pineapples and it’s super-fruit buddies are the perfect combination of nutrients to look good and feel great.

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