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6 Healthy Aging Tips!

I am not sure if you know that September is known as “Healthy Aging Month”. This is the month where you are supposed to learn all types of ways to age gracefully.

This month is the month, we always set out as a team to head to our Natural Show to learn more about new and emerging products that are in or entering the market that may enhance our everyday living. This year was no different, there was still some companies promoting healthy and natural and are the least bit knowledge of what those words mean. A few companies had me wondering how in the world they got in the show in the first place. Everyone I questioned about an ingredient that I knew was odd or carcinogenic, told me they were working on improving it and I inquired on why they did not improve it before they tried to pass their products off as natural or came here or entered the market; no answer, just an odd look of being caught for being deceitful.

That leads me to say, I can’t stress enough how important it is to read, read, read the ingredients in the things you eat, the products you put on your skin and the things you put in your surroundings; too many companies are lying and putting out false advertisement. If you are not familiar with what something is ask; if they don’t know, you do your own research; some serious, thorough research for you can’t believe everything you see on-line and out peoples mouth and defiantly in advertisements. Everybody wants to be an expert, but they do not want to take the time to get the education and/or experience to be that knowledgeable and reliable expert. Their heart may or may not be in the right place, most are all in it for capitalization and that is all. Don’t fall victim to companies who have developed deceitful products that claims to be natural, but are really not natural, organic or eco-friendly, sustainable or green at all; these companies are only out to make dollars and they have been getting away with this for far too long. Yes, new companies are starting, mimicking this deceit too. Be educated and informed focus on spending your dollars on companies that care about nurturing your body, mind and soul with nutritious ingredients that are harmless to you and the earth. These are the products/goods that will help you age gracefully and healthy.

6 Healthy Aging Tips

For the remainder of Healthy Aging Month try to commit to do some things differently like:

  1. Become more conscious of the things you put in, on or near you. You are what you eat, say and do, be very cognizant of that for others are always watching.

  2. Never Stop Doing: Volunteer, educate, learn. There is someone out there who needs your help and there are people out there that can keep you up to date on the latest gadgets and technologies. Take classes, get involved in your local community churches, libraries, events, etc.

  3. Meditate: Sit or lay with your eyes close and Relax, breathe slowly and evenly. You may wish to slowly repeat a pleasant-sounding word or mantra, in your mind as you breathe. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to concentrating on your mantra or your breath. Don’t forget to burn a natural incense or candle or use a diffuser (reed, humidifier/ultrasonic oscillating, nebulizer) during the process to help with relaxing even more.

  4. Smile: A simple smile and lots of laughter can take years off your face and if you have pearly whites oh my what a delight you will be to see. So give it a try and smile a little more, you will feel good too.

  5. Exercise: Moving, walking which is something we can’t stress enough on this blog, can add to long life. Exercise is a great way to keep the limbs flexible and working and is great way to add to healthy aging.

  6. Positive Living/Relationships: We all know naysayers and complainers and it may be something we do every now and then, but if you feel it is something you are doing more than not, it is time to check yourself and stop it. If someone around you is doing this and you are trying to move forward, and they keep dragging you backwards, it is time to put up some boundaries or let that relationship go. Keeping with negative relationships is not a way to age healthy. It is a way to increase you stress, which will in turn increase your blood pressure and so on and on.

Try to finish out this Healthy Aging Month strong and don’t forget to do something great for yourself this World Heart Day which is celebrated on Saturday 9.29.18. While you are at it, consider finishing 2018 strong on the health tip. Review your 2018 goals and attempt to get on track to accomplish them if you have yet to meet them.

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