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National & World Cleanup Day!

You ever wonder what this world would look like if it was filled with nicer, kinder people, cleaner environments and Activist that not only talked the talk, but cared enough to stand up for what they believed in by taking action or walking the walk?

On Saturday, September 15th, 2018, and every 3rd Saturday here out, it is National Cleanup Day & World Cleanup Day. This year the National Cleanup Day Folks and the Let’s Do It! World organization's teamed up to initiate an effort that would lead to a “Cleaner and Healthier Planet for all." This Saturday; cleanup events are about bridging communities and bringing awareness to the forefront, on how we as a people need to take better care of our land, so that it can sustain us through our lifetime and the future generations to come.

What does this day actually mean? This cleanup day is the one day a year, that we can honestly take an initiative to pick up one thing, many things or something off of the street, or in our environment and take it to a garbage can and feel good about making a difference. If you hike, it is a day to remove things, other than the beautiful leaves from the trail and dispose of them in a garbage bag or can. This is a day about engaging others in conversations on what they can do to better the environment. National World Cleanup Day was started by two Hikers who were fed up with seeing cigarette buds and other garbage on their hiking trails, so they decided to do something about it and that something has started a movement for others to take heed of ways they can improve their environments in the United States.

World Cleanup Day was started by the Let’s Do It World Organization. In 2008, the organization was able to get together 50,000 people to clean up the country of Estonia in just 5 hours. This year, they are hoping to get 150 countries involved in the World Cleanup day. They are asking people from all over the world to join in the effort to clean up the world trash on this one day in a unified manner. If everyone pitches in to do their part it will help the movement to grow larger.

Today, no matter where you are in the world, won’t you do something to better our earth and make it a better place to live for all humans in existence, if not for others do it for yourself; it will surely make you feel better all over and is a great way to release stress and meet new people through start-up conversations.

To learn more about National or World Cleanup Day or to find ways you, your friends and family can get involved visit:

National Cleanup Day in America


World Cleanup Day

After your perusal of the national cleanup day site or the world cleanup day site, consider ways you can join in on the movement to make our world a better, cleaner place to reside in for all. Think of ways you can celebrate not only today, but year-round to help our precious planet. As long as you live on this earth, you might as well do something to keep it safe and clean as much as you are able. You matter and what you do to help make the world a better place matters for all of us right here and right now and of course for future generations. Remember this is our land, Show Mother Earth some love with an open heart and mind and by cleaning her up.

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