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5 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

It has been a hot scorcher of Summer with some interesting weather consisting of rain, thunderstorms and extreme heat patterns, that has not been steady here in the United States. During our venturing out and about from the East to West Coast we have come across so many people this Summer alone, who are out and about in this Summer heat, while they are peeling and dehydrated and not just them, their children too. Listen up, this Summer heat is no joke, so stop playing with your health and your families and take care of yourself and loved ones by preparing properly prior to heading out to the great outdoors. Plan ahead, as much as possible; so that you can be safe against the Summer heat and sun rays while being active or simply just walking outdoors.

We can’t stress enough how you need to partake in the following tips to be safe from the Summer Heat:

5 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

  1. Drink Water

  2. We can’t stress enough, dehydration is a serious matter. With the heat rays in parts of California over 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily it more important to not only have water on hand, but to drink it too. If you are outdoors a lot and/or exercising drink water with enhanced electrolytes. Check out our post about that here. If you have not had water in 3 hours and you have been moving consistently and it is over 90 degrees F, you need to drink some water. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, sweating, urination, sneezing, or just breathing, among other things, disperses water from our body. We need to replenish this loss of water quickly in order to avoid the adverse effects of being dehydrated. Therefore, drinking enough water during the Summer heat is imperative to sustaining the bodies ability to function well.

  3. If you don’t like carrying water bottles, purchase a water bottle sling or carrying growler at the store so you can carry on with your activities hands free of the water bottle distraction.

  4. *Remember if your urine is dark or yellow and your lips are super dry you are indeed dehydrated. Check children as well. We can't tell you how many times we heard kids crying out for water and lip balm and their parents ignored them. One child actually had to scream at her parents to get their attention so that they can take action to get her some water.

  5. Fuel Up

  6. Don’t ever leave your house without a healthy snack or fruits like bananas, apples or berries. It is important that you eat a healthy breakfast, but if you are in a rush. Take some fruit or nuts with you because your sugar can go low or the heat can make your feel a bit lethargic. Fruit should help you bounce back and help you to put some pep in your step by increasing your energy levels. *Too much fruit can give you diarrhea due to the heat, so keep all things in moderation.

  7. Sunscreen (Natural of Course)

  8. Don’t step outside too long without putting on some natural SPF. Be sure to put it all over your entire body, but especially those parts that will be heavily exposed to the sun; your lips are included in this. Check out Makes 3 Miracle Balm or our Natural Lip Balm, if you are vegan you may even want to layer on some coconut oil, almond oil and or shea-butter to nourish your skin. They are enriching oils that will not have adverse effects to your skin and remember what goes on your skin, goes into your blood stream. If you reside in the North East where it is often Cold, you may want to for go too much sunscreen unless your are outdoors for a long time because the Sun is actually a natural source of Vitamin D that many are not able to indulge in all year long like those who are in southern states and countries.

  9. Cover Up

  10. Sunshades, sunglasses,hats, caps and umbrellas are very useful to have on hand when it is extremely hot outside. The rays from the Sun may wreak havoc on your entire body inclusive of your retina and hair; so, keep them protected during the days when it is extremely hot outdoors. If you are having an outdoor event or tailgating, try to put up a tent to cover you and your guest. Cook or bake the food, not you, your associates or family members, they will thank you for that.

  11. Dress Cool

  12. This Summer break out the cotton and linens and if they are in white and beige even better for these materials and colors reflects the sunlight, absorbs sweats and simply keeps one feeling cooler than dark colors. Light colors have always been known to be ideal for this time of the year, because dark colors, tends to make one feel even hotter, whereas light clothing helps repel the sunshine, not to mention makes one feel better. Think lite and bright this Summer and let your light shine bright in your clothes as well as attitude.

There are only a few weeks left of Summer, lots of vacationing is happening now, make the best use of the remaining days by having lots of fun; but do so while being safe and always remember to drink water especially if you are heavily active during the Summer’s heat.

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