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Count Every Blessing

Many are weathering storms this season; however, what they do not realize is that on the other side of the storm there is light, light ready to shine bright on their situation; displaying magnificent hope and blessings. Don’t be afraid by what things may look like at the moment; have faith and know that any and every situation can take a turn for the better at any moment because everything is possible when you believe. If you need proof, look back over your life to see some of the many things you have been through, that you have come out on top of. Though most storms are arduous, they often makes one stronger from the lessons learned, so when they come around again, they are easier to maneuver through rather them rather than worrying in peril. When was the last time you counted every blessing in your life?

This month, we ask that while you walk through what ever storm that may be visible in your life at this moment, you don’t dwell on it for too long. Do not give up on believing the tables are able to turn for the better soon. Make sure to always count your blessings every day. Grace and favor is around the corner; just believe and keep the faith for change is on its way. If you did not think you are blessed at all, consider the following blessings, which should surely change your mind:

  • You woke up this morning.

  • Each day offers opportunities to be a new. You can try something different and obtain a new outcome, you can meet a person to change your life on many levels. They can speak a word of encouragement, pray for you, give you a referral or teach you something new. Just be receptive and open to thinking and doing things differently. Your fresh thinking and decisions can start now, after all, you are in charge of you. Create the future you want starting by planting seeds and acknowledging your blessings today.

  • You have a roof over your head

  • Even if it is not your own home with your name on the lease, mortgage or deed; if you woke up with a roof over your head that is a blessing you can count. As long as you were not sleeping on the street, you have something to be thankful for.

  • You have fresh and safe drinking water

  • Many in the world do the have clean or safe drinking water. The fact that you can sip on clean water in your dwelling or enter into a fast food establishment and request a cup of water, is something to not take for granted for many throughout the world are not able to obtain water so easily.

  • You can communicate your concerns/opinions to others

  • If you are able to communicate with others in some method, verbally, via sign language or a smile you are blessed. Every day you have the ability to let someone know that you are in need of help in whatever area of life that is not where you want it to be at the moment. You can call out for help and show gratitude for what it is that you already have. You can pick up a phone and dial a ministry or walk in one and request prayer and guidance. So, know you do not have to walk at anything in this life alone. ASK- Ask, Seek & Knock.

  • You have clothing on your back

  • If you have a shirt, a pair of pants, shoes and/sneakers or even more clothing items you are beyond blessed. You have more than most in 3rd world countries and should be thankful for these blessing. If you have money to buy more without missing a bill you are at the top of your game, keep it up; be fashionable, frugal and money wise.

  • You can read and comprehend

  • The fact that you can read what is on this page or any article that you like for that matter is a blessing in itself. These days you can pick up books from a library or find some online that will encourage you to prevail in any situation. You can learn how to keep your mind focused on achieving what it is you would like to accomplish or simply conquer any storm that you face.

  • You have your senses

  • If you have all 5 of your major senses such as sight, taste, hearing, feeling/touching and smell count your blessings because not everyone has all their 5 senses but, in many cases, if they do not have them, they are still able to manage fine without one or 2 just fine. If you have all your senses look at all of the marvelous things you can enjoy in your life with these blessing. If you did not know you are more prosperous than most.

In the United States, we are some of the most fortunate people in the world, yet we often take for granted the many blessings that have been bestowed on to us and this great nation. Today, we ask that you to go within and write down at least 10 to 15 things and/or people name’s in your life that you can say are blessings to you. Be thankful for the things and people you have and show them you value them, speak positive words over your life and theirs, find people to pray with, believe that anything is possible to change every situation around for the better supernaturally. Lastly; expect to have more blessing added in to your life every day from this point forward. There is something powerful about expecting good to come into your life; this would demonstrate faith operating at its highest power. Remember, you deserve goodness because you are uniquely made and blessed beyond all measures. So, the next time you are feeling down, consider counting every blessing that you have right in front of you. Keep this list or the one you composed yourself nearby as a daily reminder in order for you to remain hopeful, as you go through life's journey and trials; you will see the bright shining light on the other side guaranteed.

Have An Amazing Month Beloved

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