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Hydrate with Electrolyte Water All Year Long!

This past weekend was so amazing, I was a participant at the #Propel Water, Fitness Festival in NYC, at Pier 17 where Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts from all over attended to get educated and push themselves to the max while burning calories, sweating, and working muscles that they may have not have worked this hard ever or in years.

The Propel Water Fitness Festival event was filled with industry thought leaders like Gunner Peterson, Nicole Winhoffer, Rachel Brathen, Harley Pasternak to name a few. The common theme among all the Professional Leaders throughout the event was to remember to hydrate, stay hydrated and of course hydrate with Propel water’s, because their water includes electrolytes that replenish the water that has been lost during the intense make your body sweat workouts, that all were delivering or speaking about.

After working out in the intense heat on the roof top at Pier 17 in 90+ degree weather, I witnessed firsthand the importance of staying hydrated and I am pretty sure countless others did too for everyone was grabbing water left and right from the drink coolers. This was not just the case for the outdoor work outs, this was the same for the indoor workouts as well. Inside, though the heat was not there from the sun, it was there from our bodies sweating due to the intensity of the workouts which had us all dripping while feeling empowered and wonderful because of the hard work

Hydration Importance

Due to the fact that our bodies are made up of 75% of water and we lose water all throughout the day from sweating, bowel movements, urination and breathing, it is imperative that we balance the water that comes in and out of our bodies. We must intake the proper water balance inclusive of electrolytes to avoid any serious complication from being dehydrated. Water with electrolytes offers the body a way to replenish the water that is lost from the body throughout the day and it does so rather quickly if dehydration is noticed. Not staying hydrated has caused some people to have seizures and go into comas and eventually die; of course this has happened in more serious dehydration situations.

Dehydration Symptoms

During the Summer time, you may not even realize you are dehydrated until the thirsty feeling is too overwhelming to deny that you need water. However, with the heat in full affect this Summer, it is imperative to drink before you feel thirsty to alleviate other symptoms like:

  • Dry Mouth/Tongue/Lips

  • Dry Skin or No elasticity

  • Confusion/lethargy

  • Headache

  • Feeling Dizzy

  • Not Urinating or Dark/Cloudy Urine

  • Feeling Fatigue (Mentally and/or Physically)

  • Increased Heart Rate without outputting any energy.

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that possess an electric charge, including phosphates, calcium, chlorine, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These electrolytes support nerve and muscle functions as well as regulate body fluids by helping the water get absorbed into the body faster. Electrolytes help to move waste out of the cells and nutrients in to the cells, helping to balance the water pH levels. An electrolyte imbalance or a lack of electrolytes; especially during an intense workout can lead to dehydration and may cause one to faint. Sodium is the main electrolyte lost during sweat, so it is important for it to be replaced quickly.

Prevent Dehydration

Let thirst be your guide, if you are feeling thirsty drink liquids or have fruits and veggies that have high water composition, like watermelons, cucumbers or lettuce to keep you hydrated during the Summer heat. If you are out in the hot sun often, physically active indoor or out, or simply sweat a lot be sure to use a water that has electrolytes in it, like Propel because it helps to replace water that you have lost throughout the day while keeping you fully hydrated.


This Summer, with as hot it has been and will continue to be, stay hydrated with regular water and water with electrolytes to keep your system running at its optimum levels. I know I speak of Propel Water here, but you pick whatever electrolyte water brand that best soothes your preference. It's your choice, just pick one and stick with it.

* If you have any of the symptoms of dehydration, but you believe it is something else, contact your physician and detail what exactly it is you are experiencing.

** Check with your Doctor before partaking in any intense/strenuous exercises and as always workout at your own pace.


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