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Blueberries, The Feel Good, Look Good Fruit!

Did you know that in July 2003, the United States Department of Agriculture proclaimed that July is National Blueberry Month in the United States of America? I hope you are enjoying National Blueberry month. Now, in its 15th year many enthusiasts look forward to this month to see, smell and get these beautiful antioxidant, fiber filled blueberries in either fresh or frozen form or out of their own garden so that they can enjoy them in so many different dishes and witness the many positive health benefits they bestow on to their system. I personally, love blueberries all year long, but in the month of July, I do enjoy making my very own blueberry lip balm with shea-butter, coconut oil and aloe, which allows my lips to feel so soft and look marvelous with that pinkish-purple hue tone.

This month make your own blueberry dish, please no artificial flavors for it defeats the nutritional purpose of the fruit completely. No matter which way you slice or dice it, you should really incorporate more blueberries into your diet and daily regime this month and/or every month. Your body will thank you for including blueberries into your diet because it will indeed notice a significant difference from the potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory fruit in just a few days, but I say give it a try for a month to truly convince yourself of this important super-fruit.

Things you will notice from intaking blueberries in just one month

  1. Longer and Stronger Nails

  2. Longer and Stronger Hair

  3. Plumped Up and More Youthful Skin. The water content, Vitamins A & C, phytonutrient from anthocyanin helps skin look vibrant while strengthening the collagen.

  4. Feeling Liter on the inside. The fiber content will clean your internal organs out and make you feel wonderful inside. They will also help with improving one’s digestion.

  5. Feeling fuller faster and longer. The satiated feeling will allow for less snacking and maybe cause weight loss if this is what you seek.

  6. The anthocyanin's, which brings on that purple/blue hue, also helps with breaking down the build-up of plaque in the arteries. This along with fiber helps excess cholesterol circulate right out of the body. It tells the body there is no room for that junk to stay in here any longer.

  7. Weight Loss

  8. Adding blueberries to a weight loss program will help you to see weight loss results. They have very little calories, and have you feel full after eating them or drinking them in a smoothie. The fact that it has fiber also helps with losing a few inches too.

  9. Blueberry juice affords for better memory and eye site.

  10. This juice is perfect for the young and old. All you need is to add a few blueberries to some water, juice or a smoothie and have a refreshing, naturally sweet drink.

  11. The polyphenolic compounds in blue berries gives it, the nick name brain-berry for its improving short-term memory capability.

  12. The Vitamin A is superb when it comes to dealing with inflammation, but especially in the eye area. The Vitamin A in blueberries help increase the circulation of the blood around the eyes.

So, once you start to notice the immense perks from in-taking these delicious purple/blue hue babies, how about you decide not to just use them for July, but for the remainder of year to get even more benefits. Blueberries are a fruit that one is able to purchase and freeze or buy from the frozen section; especially when on sale and keep throughout the entire year. Blueberries are perfect to eat in yogurt, salad, oatmeal, cereal, pies, turnovers and even cakes, you can also add them to your smoothie or other delicious dessert creations or simply eat as is. Blueberries can be your everyday snack or vitamin with as little as a handful a day to keep the inflammation and free radicals away.

**Tip: Buy up as much blueberries as you can in the Summer months and freeze some, so you can have plenty for the Winter months for the price drastically increases.

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