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5 Areas of Your Life to Detox!

June is here! Are you loving 2018 thus far? Do you still have a lot to do to reach your goals before the year ends and 2019 arrives? It is not too late to achieve your dreams and goals for 2018.

June is the month of shifting; shifting from Spring to Summer. It is a month where many people decide to take mini and long vacations. They may decide to hit the road, the beach, the pool, the boats, the trails for camping, hiking or take to the great outdoors to do whatever it is they fancy. They might as well right, Summer is near and, in the air, and the sun is brimming with radiant rays of energy. The Season's shift as well as the month change, is actually the perfect time to consider partaking in a thorough assessment of one's life and year thus far. An assessment in which one decides to clean out various areas of their life. Detoxifying these areas to help release some of the load off from the prior months, so that you can go full steam ahead for the remaining months of this year. By detoxifying your life, you will feel much lighter and at ease when it comes to making decisions. The sensation from cleansing your life will be more than enough to assist you in fulfilling your dreams and goals for the future.


Cleanse your mind of the negative thoughts you keep repeating and thinking and saying to yourself often. Hit the Stop button, instead of the rewind button on the things that are not conducive to making you feel good and moving you forward. Your body is an intelligent piece of art it feels what you think. If you think you are beautiful, you will strut your stuff as if that is so with pure confidence in that belief. On the other hand, if you don’t feel confident you will give off that energy and may give off another vibe that is totally opposite of being positive. Everything starts with self-belief, so believe you can control your thoughts and think success in all situations even when it seems impossible and you will see better results. Cleansing your mind is about being conscious about the thoughts you allow to enter in and trying to refrain from going backwards with negative ones. It is about being inspired to move ahead with I AM Able/Capable mindset and believing and feeling it.


Distance yourself and eventually get rid of the naysayers or negative people in your life. If you try to talk to them about their ways and they get defensive all of time and are not able to communicate what is let them go. They will never learn or learn at their own pace which maybe not the same as yours. Clean out the people in your life, just like you clean out the garbage in your car, body, locker, desk and closets. Adios, Sayonara, Good Bye are actual words that are O.K to be utilized when someone is not worthy of your space and time and energy any longer. If you feel drained by them or they are still saying the same thing they have been saying 5 years ago and are in the same place with no growth, dragging you down, it is time to hit the Stop Button, not rewind, the Stop Button. You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you, you want something different make that change. They obviously want the same thing and will remain living in fear and staying stuck. You want to be higher, you must get around higher conscious people. It is not saying that you are better than someone else, it is just that you may have outgrown the relationships or are not finding where that relationship is headed conducive to the direction you want to go in and that is quite O.K.


Clean your home and car, get rid of all the things you no longer need or use (hence things not used in a year or more). If you have something in your home that you have not used in 5 years+, you are more than likely hoarding. This month rid your space of all those pieces of clothing you have not worn from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s (well keep 1 or 2 if you believe you are going to go to a Halloween or themed party at some point within the next two years other than that purge.) Purge what you do not need in your home, car and office; for it is taking up beneficial space.

Get rid of all toxic house cleaners, detergents and scents. Yes, some air fresheners are harmful to your respiratory system. If you are feeling brave, make your own cleaners and scents. Invest in some quality essential oils or use lemon, peppermint and cinnamon to freshen up your space. Citronella oil is perfect for repelling bugs naturally and is also safe for you and all around you to inhale too. If you do not have the time to make your own cleaners or detergents or bug sprays; take your time and read the ingredients on the label of the items, you choose to bring into your space. Don’t bring anything in your space including detergent where you can’t not pronounce the ingredients. If you can limit the purchase of household goods products that have 10 or less ingredients and get as much of it as you can organic you will be doing your space some serious good.

Total Body

Cleanse your total outer body. Submerse your total body in water and clean yourself from head to toe. If you do not have a tub in your house to do a super soak in, invest in going to a spa, resort or a hotel where you can become one with the body that keeps you thriving on this earth. If you do get a moment, head out to the beach, even if you can’t swim. Go into the water take a deep breathe go under water for a minute or two and come up and breathe out the fresh air. It is a refreshing activity that your body will thank you for when you finish. If you know how to float, take the time to do that too while visiting the water for this is very relaxing to the body.

Cleanse your inner being with a total body cleanse.

A total body cleanse shall be done at least once a year to help alleviate toxins from the body. It is ideal to do one each quarter, but if that is too much to handle, take this month to begin your journey to clean out some of the junk from your body. The blood, lymphatic system, colon, small and large intestine, liver, gallbladder all need to be cleansed. If you are only doing this once a year, go deeper by cleansing the liver and heavy metals out of your body after you finish the total body. You will feel more alert, vibrant and your internal pipes will thank you for no longer being sluggish. Remember that your body is made up of 75%+ water, your blood, brain and muscles are composed of water. You need to drink lots of water every day and lots more when you are detoxing to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. Water assists and pushing toxins through your system and out your body faster, lack there of makes one constipated and can make you ill.

Try dry skin brushing before and after water immersion and during your total body cleanse, it does wonders for improving the lymphatic system among other parts of your body.

Limit your T.V intake this month as well, garbage in equals garbage out; enough said here.

Work Environment

If you are not happy with your job, don’t leave it, unless you can afford to do so; but prepare ways to make that move soon, or seek out ways that you can make the environment more plausible to evolve in without it being a nuisance to your total being. Being in an environment that you despise going to every day is not good for your health, but if you can find an outlet to relieve some of the stresses until you are able to make a move, that would be a great idea to help you make it through. Meditation first thing in the morning and during lunch time for at least 10 to 10 minutes may be beneficial. You may also decide to address the issue(s) or concern(s) with your HR Dept. and see if you can switch to a different department be partnered with a mentor to help you maneuver through the ordeal or work with you to come up with a solution to make life easier for you while you are there. You may also want to have a conversation with your superior to discuss your situation. Ask to do more things you enjoy doing or asked to be challenged more so that you can feel more valued as an employee right where you are. If working on yourself internally and speaking to higher ups in the company is not getting you anywhere; it may be time to invest in getting that resume together and utilize sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to make that move sooner rather than later. Just make sure to have all your ducks in a row and never leave on bad terms; one never knows who one knows and when you may need that stellar reference, so don’t burn a bridge.


Detoxing your total life can sometimes be seen as an arduous task; however, it affords one an opportunity to bring an awareness to their life that can propel them forward by leaps and bounds if done properly and with great intentions. Conscious awakening brings more spiritual interactions to light, via answers that one may obtain on how, what and when to move forward. Don’t put off living the best life you can live; start detoxing your life today so that you can bring more awareness in and obtain your set out desired goals.

Need a Coach to help you on your Detox Journey? Email Us Here.

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